Blogging for Gold, "Sweet butter!"

Usually I don't mention the bloggy side of this blog. The other day I hit blogging gold. So far we have been pretty bus friendly these days except for the really windy day where I spent a large amount of time on my bike. During this time I was away from technology. So, I have my ipod set to receive phone calls but hardly anyone ever calls that number. I do have a select few friends who can reach me there if it is really necessary. I received a message while I was out. I couldn't listen to the message so Google Voice has a handy tool where you can read the message. Something is wrong because this is what the speech to text decided I need to hear from my friend:

"Hi Shelley, it's, (friend's name omitted), I have a question favor Floria, I'm We have some plans that are coming intotown for by fax. Just found out yesterday are excited. How ever. It is very alarming. To Us, to have,everything all day and everything on the off and I'm wondering if you guys might have any of room, atwhat I'd like the day meals or something for that, possibly Duxbury. So we tested a shutdown wing.They have two little girls and the baby 6 months old baby 8 months house, actually now it So if that iseven a possibility that very sweet use of butter. Braids for that. Learn it, sweet family exactly like ontheir way. mcNally out or going back to throw that hung up before So if you set that up remotepossibility. So if you could give me a call. Let me know. Thank you so much and hope you're well.Okay bye."

This is exactly how the msg. was transcribed. Wow, where is Duxbury? I don't know any McNally Jews. I like that she just assumed we had sweet butter. This is our new household catch phrase, "sweet butter!"

Also, did you know that technology is so advanced people are able to travel by fax? Honestly, you thought Star Trek was so advanced but what kind of paper do I put in that machine to get a person out?

Anyways, after actually listening to the message I figured out that my friend wanted me to host a meal during Pesach. Yes, we would be happy to have them over after Mr. Peyos gets a run down of who these people are. Don't you love how sometimes technology goes wrong. 


  1. Due to technical difficulties you couldn't see the text from my message before. Sorry about that. FYI, my name is not Shelley.


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