Maybe in one post I might have mentioned that I hate last minute anything. Some things you can not help, like real last minute. I am talking about the bleeding or the injured variety, not the too lazy to figure it out kind.

In order to avoid last minute Pesach cleaning I actually start thinking, working and planning WAY ahead. This means my life can be normal and have the same schedule.

Yesterday I finished the final cleaning of my kitchen and needed a break. I have some time before I pick up my kid to do small errands. Well, I took a trip to Capitol Hill to say my final goodbye to Half Price Books. After that I took a walk down Broadway which is always interesting. Some guy yelled, "my lady won't stick it in her neck". He also mentioned another place but I won't go there.

I went into stores I usually bike by and found the mother of all toys, a pink skateboard with speakers. WOW! Now if they only had this as roller skates I would be there at the cash register so fast.

So, in the mist of Pesach preparations I had time for a brief walk, yeah for me. Now back to work.


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