Crabby Patty Wednesday

Our walk to pick up our kid. Hello  Night Seattle!
When we get an physical invitation to a wedding I feel more of a sense of an obligation to go. Tuesday we were invited to a wedding and I knew this meant that I was out of luck finding a babysitter because EVERYONE needed a babysitter right. Plus, I am picky about my babysitter so this leaves me with few options. The worst situation was that my kid had to retake a states test and had to study for it. I had no idea about the first time she took the test so we didn't help her study for it. Lots of confusion ensued because I was under the impression she needed to retake a state capitol test so we had been studying for several days for that.  Turns out it was just the STATES TEST. Nice huh! We had two options on where to be babysat. An older sibling of her matching friend could watch her but this meant that she would forget about the test and want to spend the time playing CLUE or Monopoly. The alternative option was at the house of another friend where her friend could totally help her study to make sure she passed this test. I did have a third options but I was sure she was taken, turns out I was wrong.

So, I am just frankly crabby about the retake of a test I didn't know happened to begin with and the fact that I want to go places and my babysitting options are limited. Getting a babysitter you can trust is like pulling teeth.

When we picked up our kid her friend had drilled her on the states test until she was blue in the face. Having a friend one year older is nice, having gone through the exact same test. I hear they played a little and studied a lot. I hope her friend was able to do homework. This kid should get a prize. I will have to think of something prize worthy today.

I was happy to go to this double wedding. While the men were dancing I saw a little guy put a big guy on his shoulders. My friends and I laughed and that was the whole point, to be happy! One of these ladies brought shot for us to drink and I think mine is somewhere still on a table. I love that throat stinging sensation but then again I LOVE hot sauce too!

When can I touch these buttons?

During the actual wedding (the chupah) I noticed some strange buttons. What are they for and when can I go up and start punching them? I am like that. I am lethal in a museum because I want to have the whole tactile experience so my hands reach out but I never really grab anything. If I see street art I am there touching it.  I can't tell you countless times I touched that Jimmy Hendrix statue outside Blick on Broadway. Sometimes we sit on it for fun. See that art in the caption below? That was from a trip to L.A. I wanted to run through it but I stop myself because jail is something I am not interested in.

I promise not to break the law.

So, we have entered into Wednesday and I will either get a happy kid at the end of the day or a crabby one because the teacher is convinced we didn't help her pass.


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