Lost/NOT Found Watch

Last week I was offered the use of a Bullitt bike. Yes, THAT bike. The one I drool over. So, far I haven't borrowed it but I would like to soon. I have so much to do and it's not fun. I am not going to extremes to clean for Pesach but I do have to do stuff that is necessary and it can get involved.

Right now we are at the "No food in the house" mode. We have food of a certain variety. The food is in the veggie and fruit category. I ate eggs for breakfast but I am a little tired of eggs and want lunch. The temperature dropped and I am cold and don't want to turn the heater on and really feel lazy about biking today. I am bummed because I ran out of all things in the fermented category and we are really close to drinking all that beer my hubby made. So, things are dismal until I get the kitchen Kosher for Passover.

I set out a table with foods people need to eat. I think the oats are almost done and someone is going to have to eat those sardines. Nobody is going to subsist off of salt so I am left with sunflower seeds for lunch. I also have some cheese in the frig that needs to be consumed. I caved and bought some bars for my kid to have for breakfast. Since I don't buy nutritional bars, as I see them not very healthy. I object to buying them normally but I am getting desperate.

As you can see, we also have a variety of other non food stuff on that table. A Zuzu pet that somehow was in a drawer with those raisins. I am still looking for my watch so if ANYONE has seen it please let me know. I bought it in 1999 when I worked in real estate and I was making all the money and my husband was the housewife. He is so good at making food. I miss those times. So, back then this watch cost me a fortune but it didn't matter because our rent was a measly $300/month and we didn't have a kid. I hate buying new things again. It was a good watch. I only had to change the battery every five years and I managed to not break it when I fell off my bike. I did cave in and buy another one because I need to know what time it is and somehow I have not caught on to the trend of checking the time on my phone. My new watch is not the same brand but I bought it as a temporary replacement for the one I love so much. I did go to Macy's and was about to buy a Skagen brand one but the lady there doubted I had the money for it and I just thought that was rude. I will tell you, Nordstroms has excellent customer service. I once walked in there looking rather hobo like and the salesperson helped me and I bought myself a nice pair of snow boots. If you see my watch, let me know. Telepathy works well.


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