Math Night

Math Night Peeps
Thursday should not have gone down the way it went but I just thank my lucky stars I had my bike with me.  The day began "easy" enough.

At this point I had already cleaned my room for Pesach days ago. In that room are sitting our million dollars shmura matzos which is always what I think is a fortune. It consist of a large chunk of our food budget for what will be a little more than a week of Pesach foodiness. I don't understand why a 1lb box of matzah cost more than $21 dollars. I can only imagine the wife of the man who owns this business wearing her every day diamond encrusted earrings and drinking tea from her gold plated china. I always start my Pesach purchase with matzah and then I can look back and think, I know I DO NOT need partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil Pesach cookies.  This is my special tradition and nobody suffers from my meals during the week. Everyone is happy and our digestive tract stays on tract because our diet will be in the veggie and fruit category.

So, after my room comes my eight year old´s room. We do a fair good of keeping it clean but I dreaded the day that I had to do the big clean out  I start with her closet and start dumping all those toys out onto the middle of the floor. It doesn't look pretty. When she was little she had a grand old time hiding challah rolls but now she knows better but still likes to take a snack in her room. So, I was afraid of what I would find. I was impressed because this year I found nothing but four nuts and a strange tin of dirt Yes, dirt. I found a tin of dirt. I asked her about it and she had no idea so I am guessing this happened when she had a friend over.

After spending a whole three hours in the midst of Polly Pocket, Squinkies and Lego Friends it was clean and shiny in a way that only a mommy can be happy about. My next agenda item was to re-pot the plants under my grow light but I decided to have lunch before I went to pick up my kid and her friend. On my bikey way I found what seems to be a new place to consume beer here in the Rainer Valley. Anyone know when this will open? It looked nice inside but so close to Pesach I have other things on my mind besides beer, plus I am all out of sauerkraut and am left with drinking kombucha. I might wither without my fermented yummyness.

In any case, I will leave out the drama and skip to Math Night. Well, they scheduled it on Pie Day, harharhehe. It is basically a day where you get to let your kids run wild all over the school gym. It is really too exhausting to come straight back after school one hour later to engage my kids brain with math but we got every year with the same result, a really cranky kid. So after I played about as many math games I could in order to get a raffle ticket for my kid (she won NOTHING), we left and bought a delicious cream pie. I am voting to skip Math Night next year and eat pie.

Here is a partial view of her closet neat and tidy, the way I want it. I am going to allow her to play outside and roll in the dirt and not touch anything until Pesach. For you ultra frumness, those dishes have never seen the likes of real food so don't go telling me that we need to put them away.


  1. Que organizadito se ve todo. Ya tenia dias que no leia tu blog. Me entretengo mucho, el punto luminoso fue haber visto a la reina de tu casa.


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