Pesach is......

So we have come to the point where my house is clean for Passover. In fact, we had the whole thing done before Shabbos. I feel weird how much I did before hand but it's nice. What is not nice is that somehow my internal alarm clock recognizes a weekday and suddenly wakes me up at 5am. Their is absolutely nothing I can do about it but get up. I start my day early and want to end my day even earlier. I hate it when people call me at crazy times, you know, after 9PM.

During Pesach I will be tuning out to the internet world starting tonight until April 2nd in the evening. Consider this a vacation from ME.

If you are arriving to this very bikey Jewy blog now, I say you go back and orientate yourself on some of my finest work. You can read my really dull reason for starting the blog, you can read my efforts to get free cheese and a bike.

I have so much there for you to peruse. I even have my theory about Lance Armstrong which didn't get  many page views.  I have so much for your potty enjoyment.

In the meanwhile I will not be eating donuts and enjoying lots of raw veggies and all that chard from my garden because I don't know if I want to spend another cent in the store.

Chag Sameach People!


  1. Can't be much help on the quest for G-Fish, not a big fan myself. Only ever eat it at Seder, which this year is at the family home of an AshFart family friend (that would be half Ashkenazi, half Sfaradi) so it's a crap shoot whether there will even be any.

    Chag Sameach to you and yours!

  2. I'm good with Gefilte Fish for now. When I went shopping I barfed a little when I saw a HUGE box of canned gefilte fish. A lady in the store did the same thing. We didn't even have to express in words how disgusting that is, more than jarred GF. Have a nice Seder and don't kill yourself eating matzos.


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