Shabbos, Cows, and Chasidim

Wow, I got the whole cow theme going on. This past Shabbos we listened to Parshas Parah...mooo! The parsha is about the laws of red heifer and serves as a reminder to those who have become tamay (unpure) through contact with a corpse and how to purify themselves so they can offer the korban Pesach. We don't have the Beis ha-Mikdash but we should learn about these offering and prepare ourselves. We are entering into Nissan very soon and Jews will be reenacting our Exodus.

Arriving to hear this was not something I anticipated  unlike last Shabbos. Some people hold it is a mitvah d'orse to listen to this parsha. I wonder what would have happened had I came in full cow costume, but I guess it is not Shabbodik. I am at the stage in my life where I can go to shul with my daughter. In her early years I did not go with her and I am not a fan of my husband taking her because having a little kid in the men's section is very distracting for the dad. Other than that, the only other cow contact were the meatballs I put in my cholent. We had a friend over and she is easy and nice to have over. You can joke, be serious and talk Torah with her all in the same breath.

Shabbos with nice, calm with friends. Afterwards we used motor oil to go a very short distance. We would have biked had we not had one more person to bring along to the Simply Tzfat concert. They were not good, they were EXCELLENT. I had to stand the whole time we were there. The musicianship of these men is truly awesome.

It was exciting up until my kid accidentally smashed her fingers in the bathroom door. This ended our concert experience. Our kids fingers were swollen and purple and the fingernails were white. So, I went into "save my kid mode". First thing was rush her hand under cold water. The whole thing was clinical and I could tell that some people around us might have fainted had they helped us so it was better my husband came out to assist me. I asked for an ice pack and instead got a super sized bag of ice pops, which in my mind was funny, picture worthy. I am sure I could have had a kid document the whole thing for me but I was a little busy.

Our ride home was with a famous rapper turned Jew but nobody in the car was impressed which I find funny. In between sobs of "now I can't play on the computer", we discussed the meaning of the "Thrift Shop"song. Now I know what "popping tags" means, not that I really care.

We spent our Sunday in super homework mode even though my yetzer hara wanted to take me to the Emerald City Comic-Con. I am sad, so sad, we didn't go. I was even tempted to buy these rain boots just to bike there. Good thing, I used the money for my kid to go to the beauty salon.

Here is my daughter's hand on Sunday. Her and her friends like to play on the balcony when it is sunny. Mostly I think they hope to get a glimpse of the cute chubby baby next door. My daughter wants to hold him but now she has a disability with her hand and all. At least we have the Seattle Bike Expo to look forward to next week. I am just going to pray we don't have any more accidents like this.


  1. Well, the fat chubby baby next door is CRAWLING all over the porch and I suspect they got a pretty good glimpse! Her fingers look as if they are improved over the description at the concert, so I am happy she is on the mend. May she enjoy a speedy recovery.


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