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Ballard Locks

Our daughter claims 3rd Grade is hard and sometimes she doesn't want to go to school. We always counter with, "we go to work and sometimes to really crummy jobs". Apparently, school and a job is not the same thing. Her job is to go to school. Yes, sometimes she is sick and we keep her home but other than that her job is to be at school. So, she gets really psyched when she has a no school day on a weekday.

On one of these ZERO school days we took a short field trip to the Ballard Locks. This is one of those gems we have in Seattle people hardly ever venture to. Why not? It's FREE for crying out loud. Okay, you are in a metal machine. Well, put $2 bucks in the parking meter and you have a glorious day of watching boats, fish and weirdos!

This is also our crossing point to get across to the Northern part of Seattle without having to traverse a vertigo like bridge. So, we have been this way many times by bike but never with a group of friends. We parked the metal machi…

Feeling Kinda Cavemanlike

Sunday we spent our day cleaning up and doing garden stuff. The weather was iffy and rained off and on. While I did want to pay a visit to the Seattle Farm Coop we worked on starting more seeds under the grow light and homework. Between burst of homework we went outside when it wasn't raining.

On our agenda included a walk to our friends for a Lag B'Omer party. This party required we bring our meat. My daughter wanted steak and was happy to share it with her BFF. So earlier in the week I planned and bought what was $30 worth of delicious steak at Trader Joes. Yes, they sell kosher meat there and it is well worth the price. We don't eat meat every day and if we have chicken it seems to get used in every possible way, ending with a yummy soup. So, steak is a luxury.

Our friends make a fire pit every year and we go because fire is FUN! Lag B'Omer is no fun without a dangerous fire to sit around. Even better, this year we all roasted our meat on huge skewers. In the hous…

Bike Train

Some mornings I drive another persons car to get kids to school. I know, I should have them bike but this becomes pretty complicated having other kids take our route when they are not used to biking on the road. Biking on the road is natural for our kid and doesn't faze her at all.

We walk to the carpool which is not that close but gives us time to talk and get morning fresh air. If my kid was just picked up from the house I doubt her day would go well. The morning walk is invigorating  despite any cold or rain.

After dropping off the kids I sometimes do errands but most of the time I return the car and then walk back home. Since we have been in this carpool arrangement I have met up with the Bike Train from Graham Hill Elementary. They bike in every single weather condition. In the colder season the kids were real troopers and biked up that monster hill on 51st Ave. S

Usually the adult supervision is a lady. I have never talked to her because they are working on that hill but to…

Armed and Deadly

This week has been beautiful, so beautiful I have neglected my blogging duties. I have lurched around like a lizard or a Santa Cruz squirrel, trying to soak up some sun. As the sun comes out so do the crazies, everyone needs some vitamins. Okay, so while biking I witness a phenomenon that is not in my biking repertoire. While making my way through the Rainier Valley I encountered the diaper saggy pants kinda guy take his gun out of his back pocket, look at it and then slip it in the front area of his pants. Now, gun tooting people probably have a preference on gun location, but near you groan? Seriously, so close to the area that can make more like you? Yeah well, since I was giddy from the sun rays, I biked by and nonchalantly said, "I hope you blow your (beep) off." It is wrong and so rude but come on, why. Then when I reach Capitol  Hill I realized that maybe that was dumb. Oh well, I  can now add this to my file of doo doo things.

I have a philosophy, my bike is heavy a…

Happy Earth Day 2013

As usual stuff happens and we don't get to do what I hope to get done. On Shabbos Mr. Peyos got a massive headache and didn't make it out of the house for anything. The kid and I ventured out for a walk and fresh air.

Sunday hit and I looked at my garden and noticed a TON of weeds everywhere. On the day I was sick and borrowed a Zipcar truck I ended up driving past one of those "medicinal" shops and noticed the huge stack of cardboard just sitting out in front. After coming home, taking a tylenol I ventured back, parked on Rainier Ave. and loaded the truck with all sorts of cardboard left on the sidewalk by this fine establishment. As much as it probably annoys most people that we have about 3 of these Green stores per block on Rainier Ave, I happened to get something out of this activity. FREE Cardboard. Mulching Gold.

I know, my neighbor who heavily invested in concrete to park 8 cars on is skeptical of my cardboard mulching endeavors  The first time I mulched this…

Looking in Windows

I love watching the videos by Grow Your Greens and this weeks episode involved the police trying to find "medicinal herbs" in John's house. Oy! Apparently, some neighbors complained and thought he was growing stuff in his house because they saw the scary glow of the grow light. The police investigated and found a ton of veggies and fruits. Here is the video

Hey, I have a grow light. I only grow veggies for my garden. I hate having to buy plant starts for them to either be infested with bad bugs or just plain out die. Last year I shelled out money and bought a light and a heat mat. This year I invested in a small plastic greenhouse to transfer my starts to and get them used to being outside.
These nosy neighbors just assumed they knew what was going on and called the police. So, the lesson here is "don't look in windows fool"! Honestly,they need to get a life or a hobby.

If you want the Jewish Perspective on windows here you go:

Pedaler's Fair NOT Peddler's Fair, better than Cochella

Are you sad that you couldn't make it to Cochella? Really, that sad? I'm going to just tell you that you don't need to feel that way. I love reading all about it just because it gives me a good chuckle before I say Shema at night. Personally I have no desire to go to Cochella because I lived through Cochella for most of my life. Looks like stars are channeling their inner Santa Cruz hippy. Also, it is a place where you can see old foggies shoot a play gun with their daughter. Are you sad because you will miss out on the drug fest, don't be. You will miss it anyway because you will feel inclined to do drugs and wear jorts. Don't worry, you still have time to be the worst person there.

In any case, are you planning on going? Well, read all about how to handle crazy people. We all have to deal with those people and I am sure Cochella will provide you with more than enough crazy to get through.

Ahh, you say Cochella is not your mazel? Well, I have something for you. G…

Fudgy Dice

Last week was dedicated to visiting a game store. Apparently game stores only open at noon so this errand took me past my happy time of AM when I like to get things done.

My husbands says that it is natural if people plan to stay up all night gaming to open at a more "reasonable" hour. When we lived in Copenhagen as newlyweds we did a lot of walking. Two of our favorite stores were the game stores. one was Fantask. I loved going into the store off the cobblestone path and spending time perusing the books and game stuff I am mildly interested in. Back in those days before our kid I read a lot of DragonLance books. We also had a subscription to Dragon Magazine. Remember that folks?

As always, I like to maximize my laziness so my adventure starts with a train ride. Apparently ads are everywhere encouraging bikes to become one with Sound Transit. I tried to be one with the train but how can I when I fear Ms. Metro Grumpy pants or her clones who are pissed off that they have to …

Biking for Pertussis

So on Sunday in a middle of a playdate I get a phone call from the mother confirming that someone in the family tested positive for pertusis. Her child needed to be sent away from us immediately  Honestly, I was just happy that my friend is so responsible to call us and tell us this, rather than leave her kid hanging around.

Then again, I don't know if it really mattered anyway because after that we decided to quaranteen ourselves until I could talk to our doctor the next day. Whopping Cough has spread very rapidly in Washington state. We know of one child in the Jewish community who has had a full out coughing fit and other people who test positive with signs other than a dry cough or non at all. Since I was sick on Wednesday and still felt kinda icky Monday I decided that my daughter would get a home day.

What annoys me most is that it seems that this community I live in is very nonchalant about illness. Hey, if your kid is snotty, sure let them put their grubby hands all over e…

Sick Day

Before Pesach I was having a great health run. I was drinking kombucha, eating lots of fermented foods. Afterwards I didn't follow through and drink more kombucha or add some really good bacteria to my gut so I got sick.

Wednesday I spent my day dropping of my kid and then coming home to sleep. I don't see the point in being around other people just to get them sick too. So, I slept. When I woke up got a Zipcar truck. I picked up my kid with a face mask and then made our way to the dentist. Next was home and more nap. Here is my view as I stared into emptiness, with the hopes of my nasal congestion to clear.

In your mind you say "take drugs to clear that up!". As much as I like to have pain and congestion disappear, I can't take anything because they make me psychotic. Last year I guess I overdosed on one type and things got weird. I had a long texting conversation with my friend about feeling weird. I prepared my kid for the possibilities. In the end my husband …

Biking for Burlap

This week I planned to be a true bike week. Blah blah, sometimes I drive another person's car to get kids from carpool. In general this works out fine because we maximize the amount of people in the car in order make sure we use the vehicle in the best environmental sense. This has taken a toll on me and I really do need to bike to get my back nice and loose so it doesn't seeze up like it use to. Yes, folks, I am getting old. Anyways, my back problem is a long and painful sciatic nerve that stretches from my back all the way down the back of my left leg. I somehow acquired this new pain after having my daughter and the only way to really treat it is to move and biking suits me just fine.

The week before Pesach I felt really carcentric, my back was killing me so I made a chesbon with myself to bike more and chuck the afternoon carpool.

So, I planned several things for the week that would take me out of my biking comfort zone. Monday's activity was "Biking for Burlap&q…

Vertigo OR Just Plain Biking Across the I-90

Besides the mundane of buying groceries and making food we had one day to do something fun during Pesach. This year our Chol Chomoed consisted of one day which was to be fun combined with grocery shopping. In order to facilitate the fun part I thought it would be nice to bike over the I-90 bridge and go to the one of the stores with abundant kosher for Passover foods. We needed a turkey because we were going to have Shabbos dinner with friends and they were a lot of people.

First things first, we need to get to the bridge. Yeah, you say, bike down Lake Washington and just hop on that bridge. Life is not that easy so we take my crazy bike route to get to the entrance and bike across. The kid strapped to the back of the seat got to take pictures as I peddled fast down hill and then tired to keep that momentum as we biked up to Mercer Island. This was my Dutch bike's first time on the bridge and I have to say that it was not all that painful to bike. Honestly, I was expecting to have…

Pesach Wrap

I guess the wrap actually begins with all my shopping. This year we went enviroment friendly and did all our shopping by bike. Oh, but some people will claim they saw me in a Zipcar. Sure, that meant nothing and the major shopping I wanted to get accomplished never happened.

So, Sunday before Passover the whole mishpacha went out on our bikes, armed with a huge list of essentials, including all those eggs. Once Pesach starts you are left to ration eggs and things get ugly when this happens. For the most part I make everything. A long time ago in a far away galaxy I bought a cookbook called Spice and Spirit. This has made my life simple. I don't go around buying crazy stuff like catsup, mayonase, Pesach cereal. We keep it simple. This means I have to make everything and when you are making cakes, kugels, potato puffs, you need lots of veggies and eggs.

This year we set the record for most Pesach shopping by bike. Mr. Peyos did me a favor and went with us. My bike was loladed wit…

I know what you ate this Pesach!

I can't wait to dig into those oats! Before I could do that I had to change over my kitchen. The joys of being an Orthodox Jew is that you get to stay up until midnight when Passover is Passed, hahha and clean your kitchen. So this is all the stuff I had to pack up.

It was like a real life tetrus game. I don't know why and where it was all suppose to go. My husband was nice enough to get me the boxes. Next was a final goodbye to the contact paper, bye Pesach kitchen, you served me well.

We ate:

-5 boxes of hand made shmura matza, 108 eggs, 3 pounds of sugar, 2 containers of cocoa powder, 2 small containers of potato starch, 60 pounds of potatoes, 2 containers of coffee, 15 pounds of chicken breast, 8 pounds of ground beef, 8 loafs of gefilte fish, a boat load of veggies, and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding!) We did eat other stuff, like nuts and cheese but that was just splurging right!

Okay, but we had guest and I was so SMART to have guest at the last meal so I can …