Armed and Deadly

Don't mess with this chicken!
This week has been beautiful, so beautiful I have neglected my blogging duties. I have lurched around like a lizard or a Santa Cruz squirrel, trying to soak up some sun. As the sun comes out so do the crazies, everyone needs some vitamins. Okay, so while biking I witness a phenomenon that is not in my biking repertoire. While making my way through the Rainier Valley I encountered the diaper saggy pants kinda guy take his gun out of his back pocket, look at it and then slip it in the front area of his pants. Now, gun tooting people probably have a preference on gun location, but near you groan? Seriously, so close to the area that can make more like you? Yeah well, since I was giddy from the sun rays, I biked by and nonchalantly said, "I hope you blow your (beep) off." It is wrong and so rude but come on, why. Then when I reach Capitol  Hill I realized that maybe that was dumb. Oh well, I  can now add this to my file of doo doo things.

I have a philosophy, my bike is heavy and lethal. We have had dogs chase us and almost die from being trampled. We have had knife welding looser run after us, but the gun display was a first.

All I want is a bike day without loosers trying to show me up with their junk. Maybe next time I should take out my U-lock and go bike polo on these scum.


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