Ballard Locks

Our daughter claims 3rd Grade is hard and sometimes she doesn't want to go to school. We always counter with, "we go to work and sometimes to really crummy jobs". Apparently, school and a job is not the same thing. Her job is to go to school. Yes, sometimes she is sick and we keep her home but other than that her job is to be at school. So, she gets really psyched when she has a no school day on a weekday.

On one of these ZERO school days we took a short field trip to the Ballard Locks. This is one of those gems we have in Seattle people hardly ever venture to. Why not? It's FREE for crying out loud. Okay, you are in a metal machine. Well, put $2 bucks in the parking meter and you have a glorious day of watching boats, fish and weirdos!

This is also our crossing point to get across to the Northern part of Seattle without having to traverse a vertigo like bridge. So, we have been this way many times by bike but never with a group of friends. We parked the metal machine and gave the parking meter some money and went down and did lots of watching. We saw the cho cho go across the bridge.

The lone fish in the salmon run:

 and old people rub this:

As you can see, our day was complete but for me it didn't matter because I just wanted to sit in the sun. When the sun comes out in Seattle I am out there too. You remember in Twilight when the higschoolers skip school because it is sunny, that's me. Forget whatever I have to do. My house might be cruddy. I might need to buy groceries, I don't care!

Now, if we could have more of these days I might be tempted to keep my kid from school and go on an actual adventure, but I am sure her teachers would kill me.

So, bike there, scoot there, just go!


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