Biking for Burlap

2012 Blue Potatoes
This week I planned to be a true bike week. Blah blah, sometimes I drive another person's car to get kids from carpool. In general this works out fine because we maximize the amount of people in the car in order make sure we use the vehicle in the best environmental sense. This has taken a toll on me and I really do need to bike to get my back nice and loose so it doesn't seeze up like it use to. Yes, folks, I am getting old. Anyways, my back problem is a long and painful sciatic nerve that stretches from my back all the way down the back of my left leg. I somehow acquired this new pain after having my daughter and the only way to really treat it is to move and biking suits me just fine.

The week before Pesach I felt really carcentric, my back was killing me so I made a chesbon with myself to bike more and chuck the afternoon carpool.

So, I planned several things for the week that would take me out of my biking comfort zone. Monday's activity was "Biking for Burlap".  The burlap is for growing potatoes  Last year I asked someone I knew to bring me burlap bags from Theo Chocolate and the smell was so icky I didn't want to torture anyone in a metal machine with my burlap stinky.

So, as always, I expect to plan the laziest route to get to Fremont. I hopped on the light rail with my bike. I wanted to get to Westlake but I decided to drink a bazillion gallons of water in the morning and two cups of coffee. As expected, I had to GO, if you know what I mean. I did the most reasonable thing possible and got out at SODO and biked to Grocery Outlet where the bathroom is clean. I bought something so I could use the bathroom and then then went to "the facilities".

After that I tried to get on the idiotic bike "path" that goes under the defunct Alaska Aqueduct roadway. I hate that path. When I finally got on the Elliot Bay trail I was really happy to be on a dedicated path. How to get to Fremont then? Since I had zero vertigo people with me, I decided to bike over the Ballard Bridge just because I have never done it.

This was my mistake. After departing the nice path I went into traffic, thinking like a ninny that the Ballard Bridge would have something indicating that I could bike across like a human. I took the slow right lane and made it my own. I had people honk, speed, cut me off and yelled not to nice words to me. I didn't really care because the sun was out and I felt like a lizard absorbing all that sun. It is clear that the Ballard Bridge is not for people on bikes.

The bridge was up so it was idiotic that metal machine's sped past me to go nowhere. See:

Here, just to induce vertigo in those of you who don't have it:

After going across the bridge I found the nicest Trader Joe's I have ever been too. Curse you Ballard and your nice bike trail (Burke Gillman)! After buying nuts and water I biked from Ballard to Fremont on part of the BG that went past stores like Fred Meyer, a cool plant store, and lots of poo on the bike path. Gross, people pick it up!!

So, the place where burlap is abundant happens to be at Theo Chocolate. Ohh, did I get to eat chocolate too? No! See this hecher? It is not a good one:

I know, you are saying it's judgy but this is how our house just holds and it's not good for us. While I was there waiting for the nice guy to schlep some stinky burlap out for me I got to smell all the chocolate and watch a lady stuff as many samples into her mouth, rude! Worse, she was talking to her friend while trying to chew on it. It looked like the poo on the trail.

In any case, after grabbing my burlap I took a picture of my bike outside the chocolate store. See, I didn't even use an Instagram filter. The sun did it for me:

FrackAMole! Biking from Grocery Outlet to Ballard Trader Joe's was 7.0 miles

Trader Joe's to Theo Chocolate: 1.3 miles

Theo Chocolate-loop to pick up my kid and then home: 4.7 plus 10 more miles

GRAND Non-Spandexy Monday total of 23 miles. Well, I certainly took myself out of my biking zone of just regular 20 miles. Whoo, a whole extra three miles! At least I know I can bike up north, do errands there and pick up my kid without killing myself. The good thing was nobody had to gag because I needed burlap.


  1. Increible!! De donde sacas tanta fuerza fisica y mental para viajar por bicicleta tantas millas. TE ADMIRO!!!


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