Biking for Pertussis

So on Sunday in a middle of a playdate I get a phone call from the mother confirming that someone in the family tested positive for pertusis. Her child needed to be sent away from us immediately  Honestly, I was just happy that my friend is so responsible to call us and tell us this, rather than leave her kid hanging around.

Then again, I don't know if it really mattered anyway because after that we decided to quaranteen ourselves until I could talk to our doctor the next day. Whopping Cough has spread very rapidly in Washington state. We know of one child in the Jewish community who has had a full out coughing fit and other people who test positive with signs other than a dry cough or non at all. Since I was sick on Wednesday and still felt kinda icky Monday I decided that my daughter would get a home day.

What annoys me most is that it seems that this community I live in is very nonchalant about illness. Hey, if your kid is snotty, sure let them put their grubby hands all over every single pieces of cake at the kiddish. When I tell someone's kid no, the parents get all miffy. So, as of this past Shabbos I am avoiding kiddish. When we get sick we stay home. If we have to get groceries we have Amazon Fresh bring it so I don't see why people need to be out an about.

Before we went to our doctors we took a trip to the library. Just to freak people out we wore a mask. Boy,  people were freaked out. I just think it is the responsible thing to do if you are sick and may have something that could spread.  This lady hacked a loogie all over the train, how nice for her. I wish she would have worn a mask.
Who me? Get YOU sick?
The every so lucky get to bike to their doctors. My nose is runny but other than that I only suffer from laziness. The doctor cleared us for human contact and so did the health department.  I only called the Health Department at the urging of a friend who said that since I had contact with her I should be tested. My doctor saw no need and neither did the nurse from the health department. Apparently pertussis droplets are heavy and because of this they don't linger in the air and you have to be physically very close to a person. Luckily my friend and I don't hug, jump up and down on each other nor share gum, good for us. My friend, rather than chastise me for not forcing the doctor to test me, gave me some good advice. She told me to keep track of our illness on a calendar, should the unlikely event we have to go back to the doctor. There, another adventure brought to you by these bikey people.


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