Feeling Kinda Cavemanlike

 Sunday we spent our day cleaning up and doing garden stuff. The weather was iffy and rained off and on. While I did want to pay a visit to the Seattle Farm Coop we worked on starting more seeds under the grow light and homework. Between burst of homework we went outside when it wasn't raining.

On our agenda included a walk to our friends for a Lag B'Omer party. This party required we bring our meat. My daughter wanted steak and was happy to share it with her BFF. So earlier in the week I planned and bought what was $30 worth of delicious steak at Trader Joes. Yes, they sell kosher meat there and it is well worth the price. We don't eat meat every day and if we have chicken it seems to get used in every possible way, ending with a yummy soup. So, steak is a luxury.

Our friends make a fire pit every year and we go because fire is FUN! Lag B'Omer is no fun without a dangerous fire to sit around. Even better, this year we all roasted our meat on huge skewers. In the house I speared the steak on the stakes and when the two girls emerged from the house with raw meat, drooling began. I thought my kid would enjoy roasting her steak but she was slightly afraid of the fire. Instead I recruited another kid to cook one while I worked on the larger piece. This kid did an excellent job cooking that meat. The older sister insisted he stop for "health" reason, but I think it had more to do with the delicious look of the meat. It was starting to caramelize and looked oh so yummy. Then again, I also proclaimed that my daughter and her friend must relinquish a piece to the kid who diligently sat around the fire turning the meat. We like our meat slightly raw so it was delicious, juicy and meaty.

We also made tortillas to share and I regret not bringing hot sauce.  We can always learn  how to improve things for next time. Mr. Peyos only ate his share of steak and our daughter's leftovers. He proclaimed, jokingly, that it is part of his new Atkins diet. I am sure I will see him eating a bowl of oats sometime today. The best part, we ate dinner before 9pm! Horray for us!


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