Happy Earth Day 2013

As usual stuff happens and we don't get to do what I hope to get done. On Shabbos Mr. Peyos got a massive headache and didn't make it out of the house for anything. The kid and I ventured out for a walk and fresh air.

Sunday hit and I looked at my garden and noticed a TON of weeds everywhere. On the day I was sick and borrowed a Zipcar truck I ended up driving past one of those "medicinal" shops and noticed the huge stack of cardboard just sitting out in front. After coming home, taking a tylenol I ventured back, parked on Rainier Ave. and loaded the truck with all sorts of cardboard left on the sidewalk by this fine establishment. As much as it probably annoys most people that we have about 3 of these Green stores per block on Rainier Ave, I happened to get something out of this activity. FREE Cardboard. Mulching Gold.

I know, my neighbor who heavily invested in concrete to park 8 cars on is skeptical of my cardboard mulching endeavors  The first time I mulched this way was in the garden gate. For the most part it works but morning glory likes this spot and grows on top of all that mulch. Occasionally I have to pull the weeds but this is not that bad. Then we have the west side of the garden. I had a little bit of cardboard and was hoping to have oodles of pumpkins trailing down this gentle hill. Then we had the whole water incident and I didn't water anything out there and it just withered and dried out. So, I decided for my own sanity I was just going to layer lots of cardboard on this spot and then contemplate putting mulch on it.

Last Sunday I worked on half of this area and this Sunday I tried to finish off the rest. As fate would have it, I need more cardboard. So, I have a small area to take weeds from for another day and I can think some more about getting mulch.

So, I cleared weeds and made a nice mushy pile for people on my block to be annoyed about. The annoyance happens to be because this means less parking space for filthy oil leaking metal machines. The block I live on happens to be close to where people have at least 3 cars per household, so parking is gold. Here I am using space to pile up my weeds. Sometimes I make a huge mound and then turn it from time to time, it becomes compost.

As we get closer to spring I see the unsavory neighbors walking by, licking their lips probably dreaming of what food they can steal from my garden this year. There you have it, Happy Earth Day!


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