I know what you ate this Pesach!

I can't wait to dig into those oats! Before I could do that I had to change over my kitchen. The joys of being an Orthodox Jew is that you get to stay up until midnight when Passover is Passed, hahha and clean your kitchen. So this is all the stuff I had to pack up.

It was like a real life tetrus game. I don't know why and where it was all suppose to go. My husband was nice enough to get me the boxes. Next was a final goodbye to the contact paper, bye Pesach kitchen, you served me well.

We ate:

-5 boxes of hand made shmura matza, 108 eggs, 3 pounds of sugar, 2 containers of cocoa powder, 2 small containers of potato starch, 60 pounds of potatoes, 2 containers of coffee, 15 pounds of chicken breast, 8 pounds of ground beef, 8 loafs of gefilte fish, a boat load of veggies, and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding!) We did eat other stuff, like nuts and cheese but that was just splurging right!

Okay, but we had guest and I was so SMART to have guest at the last meal so I can just stare at all those dishes while playing a ripping round of Monopoly Millionaire, it's card game folks.

In the end, it all went neatly into these 10 boxes, see! Now if I can't find them or something happens I am going to throw a total cow because when I unpacked everything I had a box missing. This box had the crucial potato masher which I needed in order to make mashed potatoes for 15 people! Now we are back to regular life and food economy. Hopefully tomorrow you will get a nice account of the few bike adventures were able to take on those "intermediate days".


  1. You ate well!! We also went through so much food. It seemed like I got up and just cooked and that's all. A weak "chag sameach" would ring out in desperation from the kitchen behind the pile of potatoes. ha ha...really, it did feel like a LOT of standing in the kitchen but it was so nice to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labors with guests, so it was all worth it! Nice boxes. :)


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