Looking in Windows

I love watching the videos by Grow Your Greens and this weeks episode involved the police trying to find "medicinal herbs" in John's house. Oy! Apparently, some neighbors complained and thought he was growing stuff in his house because they saw the scary glow of the grow light. The police investigated and found a ton of veggies and fruits. Here is the video

Hey, I have a grow light. I only grow veggies for my garden. I hate having to buy plant starts for them to either be infested with bad bugs or just plain out die. Last year I shelled out money and bought a light and a heat mat. This year I invested in a small plastic greenhouse to transfer my starts to and get them used to being outside.
We Grow Helmets
These nosy neighbors just assumed they knew what was going on and called the police. So, the lesson here is "don't look in windows fool"! Honestly,they need to get a life or a hobby.

If you want the Jewish Perspective on windows here you go:


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