Pesach Wrap

I guess the wrap actually begins with all my shopping. This year we went enviroment friendly and did all our shopping by bike. Oh, but some people will claim they saw me in a Zipcar. Sure, that meant nothing and the major shopping I wanted to get accomplished never happened.

So, Sunday before Passover the whole mishpacha went out on our bikes, armed with a huge list of essentials, including all those eggs. Once Pesach starts you are left to ration eggs and things get ugly when this happens. For the most part I make everything. A long time ago in a far away galaxy I bought a cookbook called Spice and Spirit. This has made my life simple. I don't go around buying crazy stuff like catsup, mayonase, Pesach cereal. We keep it simple. This means I have to make everything and when you are making cakes, kugels, potato puffs, you need lots of veggies and eggs.

This year we set the record for most Pesach shopping by bike. Mr. Peyos did me a favor and went with us. My bike was loladed with food and a kid who felt deprived of cake/cookie category type food since Thursday when the kitchen was officially made Pesadik.

We stopped and ate cookies overlooking the carousel downtown and then made our way to Grocery Outlet where you can buy lots of veggies. I think we set the record for most food on two bikes.

Sunday night was totally eventful with the ritual called Bedikas Chometz. Other people see it as a ritual, I see it as the one day a year where my husband and kid go crawling all over the floor to inspect my household skills. It is quiet for the most part until the two start discussing if they found something or not. In the end nothing really was found.

The next day we went up to the shul to burn our paper bag of air, a wooden spoon and my husbands lulav from Sukkot. We burn it ever year. The fire at the shul was HUGE this year or at least it seemed that way. I can tell you that after the smoldering fire went out if you walked by it during Yom Tov you might think someone was making tortillas. I guess that is just me because I saw tortillas everywhere even though I didn't consume them.

After all our shopping and burning exploits I was intent on making all our food so I could just relax. I made food, blah blah blah. Our Seders was very nice and we added a fun bingo game our neighbor/Mr Peyos's friend invented.  Our meals were very veggie filled and nobody overloaded on matza which always revolts against me on day three regardless of how little I eat.

So, that was the first days, next week you will get the run down of "I know what you did Chol Chomoed"


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