Sick Day

Before Pesach I was having a great health run. I was drinking kombucha, eating lots of fermented foods. Afterwards I didn't follow through and drink more kombucha or add some really good bacteria to my gut so I got sick.

Wednesday I spent my day dropping of my kid and then coming home to sleep. I don't see the point in being around other people just to get them sick too. So, I slept. When I woke up got a Zipcar truck. I picked up my kid with a face mask and then made our way to the dentist. Next was home and more nap. Here is my view as I stared into emptiness, with the hopes of my nasal congestion to clear.

In your mind you say "take drugs to clear that up!". As much as I like to have pain and congestion disappear, I can't take anything because they make me psychotic. Last year I guess I overdosed on one type and things got weird. I had a long texting conversation with my friend about feeling weird. I prepared my kid for the possibilities. In the end my husband left work and I went to the doctor. Basically my very patient doctor told me to lay off of that decongestant. If I wanted relief I could try a different one. I have learned that it is all the same. I don't know if other people are in complete denial about how they feel when they take these drugs.

Today is Friday and I feel so much better having just rested and drinking lots of fluids. I did eat lots of garlic. One night the soup was lentils and my husband added extra garlic, he said I smelled like an Indian restaurant. My only regret was not going to a steam bath. Maybe I will just clean the floor with vinegar. That will clear it all up.


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