Vertigo OR Just Plain Biking Across the I-90

Besides the mundane of buying groceries and making food we had one day to do something fun during Pesach. This year our Chol Chomoed consisted of one day which was to be fun combined with grocery shopping. In order to facilitate the fun part I thought it would be nice to bike over the I-90 bridge and go to the one of the stores with abundant kosher for Passover foods. We needed a turkey because we were going to have Shabbos dinner with friends and they were a lot of people.

First things first, we need to get to the bridge. Yeah, you say, bike down Lake Washington and just hop on that bridge. Life is not that easy so we take my crazy bike route to get to the entrance and bike across. The kid strapped to the back of the seat got to take pictures as I peddled fast down hill and then tired to keep that momentum as we biked up to Mercer Island. This was my Dutch bike's first time on the bridge and I have to say that it was not all that painful to bike. Honestly, I was expecting to have to get off the bike and walk some of that hill. We made it across and then I realized that Mr. Peyos was nowhere to be seen.

Apparently, we did this once before when the kiddo was in the trailer and I completely forgot that it literally makes someone sick to their stomach to bike across that bridge. It's called vertigo and it is not pretty.

I guess I will never know what's it is like but I suppose vision looks like this, all blurry and crazy.

After stopping by the playground to jump around and act crazy because it was just us, we made our way back home loaded with chicken (the turkey was too frozen) and marshmallows. Ohh, sounds like a healthy snack!  Note to self: only bike on bridges ALONE! Ughh, but we have so many to bike on in Seattle. What am I suppose to do now?


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