Adventures in Bike Rental Land

Last week I finally moved up on the waiting list to rent a Madsen bike from Morgan at Family Bike. So, I biked down to Rainier Beach on my blue Redline Metro 9 bike. While standing there I was thinking, "why do I just not bite the bullet and convert this thing into a long tail bike?"

It's a cute bike and little for hobbit people. As you can see, if you look closely, it is from 20/20 Cycle. I like that store. Yes, it was raining and I had my trusty rain poncho on. So, I biked to get an even bigger bike.

So, Morgan runs a bike rental program and you can get some snazzy bikes like a SunAtlas long tail bike, a tandem and the Madsen electric bike. Turns out LionTail Cycles donated this set up to the bike share and the electric assist is a prototype. So after a brief orientation from Morgan about using the bike she had me take a test spin in the parking lot. She remarked that I am a cargo mom. I was also orientated on use of the motor and all the other goodies the bike had to offer.

So, I took the front wheel off my Redline and put the whole thing in the bucket and biked home on that black bouncy sqooshy seat.

Do you want to borrow this bike? You can! Originally I found the bike rental information on the BikeWorks website. You can even borrow a more normal bike too. The bike rental works on a sliding scale. I will be writing more about my experience with this bike in upcoming post.

Otherwise, have a soggy day!


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