Bicycle Sunday or Squooshy Spandex Day

Cinco de Mayo marked the beginning of bicycle Sunday for us losers here in the south end of Seattle where bicycle infrastructural doesn't really exist. Yeah, I said it because it is true. This means a large stretch of Lake Washington is only for people on foot or on some human powered rolling thingies.  I used to laugh at this day because it really did not mean that it was helpful in getting somewhere. Now that I know other kids who want to ride with us this is the perfect opportunity to take them for a ride without the fear of the whooshing car.

So, did we do this on the first Bicycle Sunday? No way! Instead our kid needs a new bike so we decided to head north to where people roam free on the Burke Gilman trail in order to stand in line at some Food Rodeo in the beating sun. We first made our way up through Ballard across the Locks. On Sunday this is always a horrible idea because we have to Dutch bikes and even when walking them across the locks I feel like I am going to smoosh someone.
The last rider in Tour de Lost

Before we even made it to Ballard we met up with a pelaton of spandexy folks on a group ride. I don't know where they were going but I really wasn't interested in riding behind men with deteriorating fabric on the backside of their spandex. So, right before we entered the path under the viaduct we waited, looking touristy. After about five minutes of eye rolling we decided it was safe enough to go thinking that the pelaton passed us up. So, we slowly bike along the Elliot Bay Trail and up toward the locks on that hidden street. As we stopped to have a sip of water who comes spandexy along? It's THEM! Yeah, somehow we seemed to have gotten ahead. I don't know how this happens. Okay, we watch them race by and then make our way up the drudgery hill. We get to the tiny wooden bridge that connects to the locks and who do we meet up with AGAIN? Yes, the spadexy peleton? The same ones. I even asked, "how the heck did we catch up with you?" Of course I was ignored and nobody answered. Apparently, they were lost and we had normal clothes on so OF COURSE we didn't know anything about biking.

Now, I had not realized but Mr. Peyos was all dressed up in his work clothes because that is all he wears unless he is cold. So, I was biking with him in white shirt, tie and black pants.

Okay, so once we pass the tiny bridges on the locks we see an assortment of spandex ware. My favorite was the Tecate deflated bike shorts. I kept saying Tecate because I could have used one at this point.

We survived Fremont which apparently was the place to eat stuff out of food trucks. We even saw our landlady and talked to her about stuff.

After that we did our errands and made our way back to the BG to ride through Capitol Hill.

Say Cheese!
We saw an assortment of people who might have been too sqooshy in their shorts. It only made me feel sad for them. Then again, even if I had pointed it out it doesn't matter because people do what they want in the end. That guy in the blue smiled for the picture. Maybe, because he felt fancy free in his normal wear.
My personal photographer took a picture of the Montlake Bridge in the up position.

Here we are riding through Interlaken because it was shaded. Yes, I was Hella Wasted from too much sun we had to sit outside Tully's on 19th so I could cool down.

What did I learn? It's is hard biking with a 6'4 Viking, deflated spandex looks weird and I forgot to go to someone's engagement party, opps!

Sunday Non-Spandexy Total: 30 miles


  1. Sunday was a beautiful day for biking and being outside in general. Our daughter was the only one who took to a bike this Sunday and she was so happy to have made it out! Great sunny pictures!


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