Bike to Work Month OR Crushing the Competition

May 1st marked the beginning of Bike to Work Month. Every year I make my own team and with little success having team mates follow through in their biking. People always want to say they want to bike but in the end don't do it out fear I guess.

So, I issued a plea on Twitter for someone to take poor me for the Cascade's Commute Challenge.

I like Twitter because Madi from Family Ride answered my request and I was on a team again. Yeah for me! So, I fixed up my profile from previous years and add myself to Team: Family Ride I notice at the bottom of the screen that we have a rival team. How could we have a rival when the challenge hasn't even started?

This is what part of the page looks like:

Well, I am competitive so you DON'T want to challenge me. If you issue something like this I will do everything in my power to CRUSH you! When we play board games in this house it is every person for them self  Nobody gets a free ride when we play games and so if these Real Riders want to challenge the team of Family Ride, I am going to do everything in my power to log a bazillion miles just to leave you in the dust.

Our team is AWESOME! You can tell in my smug face how much I want to beet the other team. These are our stats as of Sunday (May 5th 8:16AM)

In any case, if you want to follow our progress we are Team: Family Ride

Here is the team we are going to crush Team: RealRiders. Although David Smith seems pretty cool with his BBQ bike.


  1. Yeah! Crush 'em! David Smith does indeed have cool bikes (I haven't seen that one, but I figure it's really his and not just a cool picture he took), but he was the one who made the foolish decision to challenge his wife, our teammate. I hope he's careful flipping burgers while wiping the tears off his cheek. Mwah ha ha ha.

  2. I really hope he cries like a ninny when we win. I think had my husband joined a team at work we would have had some real competition. Those guys are hardcore bike to work people. Maybe he thought with a team name like Family Ride we would only get tops 100 miles in the whole month. Little did he know who he was dealing with.

  3. "You can tell in my smug face how much I want to beet the other team."

    What does that mean exactly? you're going to pummel us with produce? Fill our water bottles with borscht while we're away?

  4. Of course I make mistakes. I meant that we were going to hurl cabbage at you and then make you eat jarred gefilte fish. We all make mistakes, just like the mistake you made of trying to challenge us!


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