Biking is SO dangerous!

I am on my soap box again! Well, this week I rented a bike for a whole week from a program run in conjunction with Bike Works/Family Bike. I will talk more about this in another post.

Borrowing the Madsen with electric assist meant that I could take two kids home. I was SO excited. Well, apparently someone thought I was doing something dangerous. Wow! Is it because I didn't offer to schlep your kids? I don't know but this made me steaming mad. Shessh, I was getting biking advice from someone who never bikes. What did this do? It made my extra passenger nervous. Yes, YOU made my passenger nervous and for a split second doubt my ability to get us home.

Apparently in this community people think that they can offer unsolicited advice. The sure way for ME to get people to hate me is to offer up my opinion on a number of topics. Usually I stay quiet but usually my opinion on stupid topics enrages some people. I could say something as mundane as, "Wow, blue cheese does not appeal to me because of all that mold". This will end up in a response of, "How dare you criticize blue cheese!" Look at it, it's right there. I don't like the smell so what. Get a life! So, as you can see if the topic is controversial then it can truly blow up like a jar of gefilte fish.

This week I felt slightly exposed because I was on a bike that had a lot of visibility. For the last four years I have been cargo mommy biking it and nobody has batted an eye until I rolled up on that Madsen bike. Somehow it either caused rage or pure envy in some onlookers.

Apparently, this was the week everyone was off their rockers and decided to state how unsafe I am riding on "THAT BIKE". Well, fracka lacka to you! You the heck are you? When did you become the all time know it all of cargo mommy biking?

I am what you call Sally Safety. I take side streets, make my kid walk when it's too much and pretty much am cautious. Now, some people have had multiple car crashes, more than they can count on their fingers. On Friday we picked up my daughters friend and the parents said that they were fine with her biking with us. They knew that I was biking slow and the worst that could happen is that we tip over. Everyone had a helmet. Somehow driving in a metal machine at 70 mph, drinking your coffee, trying to control bratty children and texting at the same time is significantly safer than my efforts to bike.

Now, biking with kids is also a two way trust street. Now, my passengers have to trust me to make smart choices. My passenger has a really important job to not giggle, bounce, try to stand up, and throw a hissy fit. We must have constant communication of needs so that we can stop and start as needed.

Frankly, I know of several kids I would not bike with. I would never offer to take them for a ride because I would not trust that they would behave. If I offered a particular family a ride it means I know that the kid would not throw me off balance. Balance is necessary.

So, you will see me biking around on that big honking bike this week and if you are truly against biking. Find a hobby, grow a garden, go fly a kite or take a walk. Ohh, but this requires much more effort than your mouth can offer.


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