Biking with an Electric Assist is wonderful

My first test was to ride the Madsen bike flat out without the handy assist or even the stereo speakers. Yes, this rental has a boom box you can blast our favorite song:

We blasted that song so loud someone in a car actually rolled down their window to look. Just like the previous day I needed all my powers to balance with two kids and their backpack junk. Why do little kids have so much stuff in their backpack?

Use of the assist meant I still had to pedal but it also meant I could choose a beefy hill to ride up. I pretended like I was alone and we made our way down through Judkins Park, passed Sam Smith park and descended into the tunnel near the beginning of the I-90 trail. Instead of going on the trail we went up through and around a magical forest and descended on Lake Washington Blvd.

Before we did that we contemplated our song choice while biking in the tunnel. Actually I was pumping them up for an expedition across that bridge soon.

We eventually landed on Lake Washington where cars drive way to fast and people are annoyed that the 5-10 seconds it takes to pass me made their day disastrous. One of my passengers yelled to let me know about approaching cars or a spandex clad man. While riding on a flat road we were fast, so fast the kids dared the spandex men to catch up.

Just because it is an assist doesn't mean I don't have to pedal. I haven't worked this hard in a while as I have been used to the slow easy laziness of riding my Dutch bike.

Lots of carpool families waved to us and all I could do was ding my bell a bazillion times.

The prototype battery from LionTail is heavy. Working the gears and the throttle is difficult. I have to choose a gear and then throttle or just be happy with gear 4 or 5, which I mostly stayed in for the ride. Yes, it would be great if the assist worked like a BionX but I wonder if I saved more battery because it was just plain tiring having my thumb on the down position the whole time.

Those two kids easily weighed 100 pounds so even with the assist I got a workout. Riding with such a heavy load is not something I recommend for a novice. In fact, if you rent this bike I would recommend you go to Costco and fill up on all your toilet paper and hummus needs before you stick any kinderlach in it. Most people would pass out with the rides I have done to date on this bike.

Our ride got us eventually to PCC where we enjoyed a pre-Shabbos ice cream. This was exactly one week ago. Yes, I do have some more adventures before I return this bike back to Morgan where I will cry and pout at the possibilities.


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