Bullitt at my Door

Yes, it is Friday. I have so much to write but not enough time.

So, feast your eyes of this baby!

Yes, I am crazy. When I daven to Hashem, I get answered in the following way. Remember Hvorfor Ikke?  Well, this is how G-d responds. For the record, this is not my bike. I have not bought another bike. I am on borrowed time.

I will be working on making Shabbos food but if you see me today, wave because I am going to test ride some more to get a full working review going. You might see me alone or with test dummies because I always like to borrow other people's children to test bikes.


  1. enjoy for the record our 18 month loves to fall asleep in it. every time !
    Dave W

  2. Your dog was upset it didn't get to go with me.

  3. I tried to put both dogs in it they did not like it. Moshe noticed it was gone as soon as he got home from school. He was the first kid to ride it so he thinks its his. Dave W


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