Electric Assist with NO Assistance

So, as you recall I rented a Madsen electric bike. Well, I tried out the assit on every darn hill near my house and then it came time for carpool pick up. Well, I really wanted to bike so I decided to pick up my group on the bike. Now, I charged the battery but it was not until the power button reached green so I had no idea how much power I was going to get.

I happily biked all the way to the NW African American Museum and this is where all the power on the bike ran out. So, I was hoping that biking alone would charge it up but I was so unlucky. I was determed to bike home and wanted to blow off some steam. So, I loaded up a 3rd Grader and a 4th Grader into the bucket.

Now, getting on and balancing with a heavy load was hard. First I had to be in a low gear, start on a flat road and nobody was allowed to breath. I sucked in my gut and asked G-d to keep me upright. In the end I did it. We biked home and I drank a beer for dinner and slept after that. Don't worry, I fed my kid real food.

What do kids do when they are smooshed in a bucket with rain gear, backpacks, snacks, and each other. Well, they try not to strangle each other and then take pictures. So, here are photos the kids took while I schlepped them:

They took lots of pictures of my back and of me huffing puffing and yelling for them to not wiggle. I could feel all slight movements.

They took pictures of the soggy road.

                                           Here is Spongebob and his gleeful smile.

Spongebob's friend.

They took pictures of buildings.

Then they took lots of blurry pictures. We ended up at the Columbia City Farmer's Market where kids from the other Jewish school tried to get us to buy plants. I could clearly see the look in my bucket bike kids, "Do you not know her?  She doesn't need more plants!"

We bought nothing, went to the library and then dropped our carpool kid home. So, if I can bike 15 non-spandex miles home with two heavy kids and no electric assist so can the chicken.


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