Friday Bike/Donut Roundup

Remember I am in a bike challenge?

So, how is Team: Family Ride doing?

As of Friday 5/24/12 @ 6:26AM our team has logged that many miles. So, how many donuts is that now? That is 320.93 sprinkle donuts. YUMMY! I wonder if any of us have eaten any. I feel like a slacker for my lack of mileage but we had a holiday followed by exhaustion.

Yes, we are completely crushing our competition but it looks like we got new challengers come out of the woodwork. Hi Horse Heads and Familybike Seattle. I ain't going to talk smack about either of them because they didn't shove this challenge in our face. Real Riders, SUCK IT! We are winning! Oh lookie lookie, Familybike Seattle is ahead of you. How does that make you feel? Discuss.


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