Friday Donut to Bike Roundup

May/Bike Month has been awesome! You probably want to know how well Team: FamilyRide has been doing. Yes, we are in a competition.

As of (Friday May 10 @ 5:58AM) we have biked a total of 745.4 miles and burned the equivalent of 36,525 calories. So, how many donuts is that?

Now, if you look at the nutrition facts sheet for Krispy Kreme and only ate the sprinkle donuts at 250 calories each that makes 146.1 donuts! Yummy yummy moo moo.

I don't really need donuts in my life right now so I just put that thought with all the other ones in my thought bubble.

Folllow our progress here: Team:FamilyRide. Yes, we have new competition (Team: Familybike) and Morgan is not kidding.


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