GO GO Team: Family Ride

So, Tuesday I needed to get my team placard from Madi, AKA the FamilyRide blogger. As we are both mommies it was most convenient for me to retreive my placard hidden in her right barmit. So, it was like a treasure hunt. This also meant I got to explore a new way to get to Fremont alone. Bridges don't scare this lady. So, I decided to take the South Lake Union Trail to loop to Fremont. As usual I begin my journey from downtown on my favorite cycletrack. HUH? I am talking about the path laid out by the South Lake Union Transit trolley. I LOVE LOVIE this road. I have basically taken the attitue to use the road for my personal selfish needs and metal machine cars can wait the 5 seconds it takes to get around me.

First things first. I noticed at the Westlake end of the tracks an installed shelter for bikes. Looks like a homeless person is using it as their personal home so nobody can park there now.

 At the end of Westlake is Lake Union and lots of construction and the most confusing way to get on the path. That guy on the sidewalk was rushing to get away from me.

I found Madi's bike and recovered my hidden treasure in her barmit. Then I decided to make my way across the Fremont Bridge. Their was no fanfare because the bike counter is on the other side. That is too bad, maybe next time :(

 Signs on the ground indicated that bikes are to stay on the sidewalk. Okay, here I go!

 Hi other bridge, you look scary from here.

After looping along the Burke Gillman I made my way to University Village to run my errands and sat and ate a bagel. Once this was over I decided to redeem myself by going on the same sloaping street I did on Sunday where I almost passed out.

In the end I got my placard to flash and blind everyone in my path. What better place to put it? On the front of my basket for everyone to drool.

For some reason my printer wouldn't print our team logo Madi made in color so I had to settle for black and white. Here is the logo in beautiful color:

THANK THANK YOU Madi for making a logo that shows how I feel about our competition. I like how the little sharks are slightly clueless about the whole thing. Those Real Network dudes are going to eat dirt for challenging us!


  1. Awesome! Will forward to the RNetwork dudes (and dudettes) so they understand the depth of our devotion to CRUSHING them! - Alyssa (RNetworks Dude's wife/Team FamilyRide member)


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