Happy 9th Birthday Genetic Output

Yes, this bike is getting too small
Today marks our kids 9th birthday, that is her Hebrew birthday. In order to start the birthday fun we did some unexpected activities after school on Monday. First I borrowed someone else's car and we drove it to a car wash on Mercer Island. As a bikey family a car wash is something we have never done.  Our friend gets her van clean and my kid plus friend get to act all crazy in a van while the car wash attendant sprays soap and water all over. Next comes those huge brushes which was fun to watch go over the car multiple times.

Afterwards we ate pizza, got a cupcake and then to our next activity, gambling. Ever since I was a kid I LOVE those scratcher lottery tickets. So of course, my kid loves them too. We scratch away at $10 worth of tickets and win back $11. One of these days we are going to  win BIG!

We make a pit stop to a tiny library and then home. So, we started with sweet fun and today we get rainy soggy fun, yeah for us.


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