Happy May Day!

Growing up I lived in the salad bar of the USA, Monterey County. If you don't know where this is, you should. This is where most of what YOU eat comes from: lettuce, strawberries, artichokes, just to name a few crops.  Our school bus would pass fields full of strawberries in different stages to the final stage where the farm workers spent long days hunched over so WE could eat yummyness. To this day I will NEVER eat spinach just because it was one of those crops even the workers won't eat.

Growing up May Day was for the workers! I grew up seeing Cesar Chavez work for workers rights. Seeing those workers always made me work harder because they did. My mother and husband taught English to these people who spent grueling days in the fields and then hours in the evening in English class so they can get ahead. We loved these students. They would bring us fresh fruit, veggies and the occasional case of Martinelli's apple cider. These workers are giving and should be celebrated.

When I moved to Seattle I saw the disgusting nature of a Seattle May Day celebration. Well, it really pisses me off. Privileged kids smashing everything in site because they are mad at "the man". FRACK YOU! If you are mad at "the man" then do something real that has meaning. Take YOUR parents money out of the bank and put it in a credit union, grow your own freaking food, get rid of your car and ride a bike. Seriously, you are not hunched over in the field working day and then learning night. YOU do nothing!

Here are pictures from last year:

Do they really look like they deserve to protest in this way? First work at getting back at the 1 Percent and then maybe you deserve to have a civilized march. It is disgusting here. Downtown becomes a hub of stupid people smashing, stealing and interrupting hardworking folks transit service. You don't think you might put someone out of a job because you are selfish? You want power, this is NOT the way to get it done. Maybe window smashing offenders should be forced to work in a field for a month. How about they work on community service and shovel up after those ponies that give rides downtown. Sweet justice!

So, today I celebrate those workers in Monterey County are trying to bring food to your plate. FYI: As a family we have done a lot to sock it to the man. Many years ago we took our money out of Chase and put it in a Credit Union. We don't use a credit card. We grow our own food. We ride bikes. We don't WHINE!! When our family needs something we become resourceful and don't complain so people feel sorry for us. We just do it!


  1. When I look at protesters like these I always wonder where they bought their outfits. I count how many people are holding a starbucks coffee and Kodak cameras in the Levi jeans. I guess when they are talk "like" is word of the day. Like really.

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