Just because we don't own a car doesn't mean we are POOR!

Tuesday I took another disappointing stroll in REI downtown. Every time I go there it is without merchandise  This time I met Mr. Peyos for a lovely date to look for a bike for our kid.

We had some discussion about why people think we are not doing well economically. I don't get it. The lack of owning a home or desire for a car makes us the looser poor family. I get these pity faces from people at my kids school when I do bike pick-up. I can see it, "Aww, they have no money and have to ride a bike home¨.

Have you looked at my bike? LOOK at it!! It is not a poor person's bike either. Between all our biking needs, we are going on making some bike purchase once a year. Every bike purchase has been with hard earned CASH, no credit cards were used. Yes, we had that money and handed it over in every single purchase. How many people can do that, especially when they purchase the kind of bikes Mr. Peyos and I are sporting these days?

People living on credit cards are taking pity when I pity them for shoving their kid in a metal machine unaware of nature. When we have an outdoor kid they never lose their coat, always carry layers and are inclined to make sure water and a snack are with them at all times. Heck, I am raising a really responsible kid!

These last weeks I have gotten a lots of sad faces from people who think we are poor. I am so much richer for riding my bike, getting a little soggy on Tuesday and just being happy.

No, we didn't buy a bike in the end because everything in pink weighed a bazillion pounds so my next task is to find a nice light weight bike my kid can ride many miles this summer!


  1. I think it fantastic you are car free. Some people are very "carcentric" I don't ride/commute by bike because I'm poor I because its more consistent/less traffic dependant than bus or car, Its fun, I get to see/smell/hear the world around me, and on top of that it saves me well over $3000.00 a year over driving to work.


  2. I think it's amazing that you choose to ride a bike. It is one way of being able to connect to nature and the vibe of the city. Kudos for your commitments. I can understand how its bothersome for people to look down on your choices because they don't understand them. I think it's unfortunate that people are looked down on for their method of transportation. No one likes being pitied. Seattle is such a great place for biking too. Happy trails!


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