Shavuot/Biking Break

Good thing: Shavuot starts tonight! Bad thing: I won't be racking up any miles until Friday. Seriously, this is sad. It could mean the competition could potentially catch up.

I did manage to rack up some miles today bringing my team over the 1,000 miles mark. Yes, we biked that much put together. I wonder how many blender bike smoothies that would make?

In any case I made my kid stay home with me to make food, clean and finally go shopping downtown. While biking I was thinking how crazy I am to be downtown on a bike right before a Yom Tov. As I was thinking these crazy thoughts we meet friends driving by us. So, I am NOT crazy after all. We bike around and then made our way home for a beauty salon appointment with our favorite hairdresser.

So, I will be on a biking break, giving those Real Riders a chance to catch up. Don't worry, after Yom Tov I am coming back with a vengeance,  complete with blazing beets!

Enjoy my Shavuot bouquet growing in my garden!


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