Bike Helmet @ School

I honestly think it is time for my kid to wear her bike helmet at school. All head related injuries have happened at school. Earlier in the year she got mowed over while the boys in her class were playing football. None of them stopped to help pick her up or apologize. Instead, she was mowed over and the boys continued on with their game. A forced apology was made but only after I complained and the English teacher saw the need to intervene.

That trip only took us to the doctors office where our kid was not allowed to spin on the playground for a while, doctors orders.

Tuesday was not so lucky because this time my kid somehow lost her balance and her head made contact with the lunch bench behind her. I was contacted by the school and told about the incident and that she was sent back to class. Now I know for a fact that kids with lesser problems get to hang out in the office. If you have gas you will be coddled, if you have a paper cut, sure stick around.

Then again, I am not these people and somehow my kid counts for nothing. I hadn't even made it home and I went back with a Zipcar. When I picked up my kid her eyes were glossy, she said she felt sick and when we got in the car she said she wanted to sleep. We got Mr. Peyos and made our way to Urgent Care as suggested by her doctor. We went to Swedish and were redirected somewhere else, somewhere on First Hill.

During the time in the car my kid wanted to sleep. Mr. Peyos and kid hopped out at the ER at Swedish hospital and I got to look for parking. By the time I got in the hospital my daughter was already admitted. That was seriously fast.

The doctor checked her and she was clear after a long examination.

As a kid I don't remember having these kinds of head bonking. I loved roller skating and jumping with them. I rode my bike with no helmet. Somehow all illness and injury stems from the school my kid goes to. I don't have options for another Jewish school. All the schools are in flux and some more serious than others.

So, if my kid shows up at school tomorrow with a helmet, you know why.


  1. Ouch. That is frustrating and scary. May this school year be better!


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