How many miles with an Electric Assist?

This is the number one question I am sure comes to mind when you are lying in bed contemplating the sciatica killing you and the left knee that is a pain. Humm, how many miles can I ride with an electric assist?

Well, the answer is not so simple. The only way to really figure it out is to risk loss of the assist and just darn ride where you need to go. So, this is exactly what I did.

Biking South on the 50th/Wilson Ave Bike Path
My first test was ridding up to pick up my carpool. Now ordinarily this is a 20 mile straight trip but because I needed stuff I ended up getting a load of groceries which took me out of my 20 mile range.  Once at the school I loaded them up bike home and even biked up heafty hils. So that day was about 30 hilly miles. Yes, I biked up to Capitol Hill from Seward Park so it definitely was hilly. Plus, I was extra cautious and took a lot of roads less traveled by cars.

I ended up at Trader Joe's on Madison to get food. I even met a few people who wanted to rent the bike, including a lawyer.

I was pleasantly surprised that those 30 miles of biking only took the battery 3 hours to fully charge back up to green. Yeah!!

2nd long trip:
The second long trip I only had to pick up my kid so I figured I might splurge and bike up to the University district. I needed to get some gloves for my hands. I used to have a fierce pair but like all things made of synthetic they ended up smelling like rotting chicken.

I revisited the site of my slippery fall one winter. Can you imagine me rolling all over that hill, wheee!

I ended up at Recycled Cycles where it is one of the few bike shops where you can buy normal useful bike stuff.  Some of the guys came out and talked to me about the bike. The conversation was basically me denying that I actually owned the bike, but the seat is mine! Somehow I am slightly embarrassed to bike around with a bike that looks like it has a Rubbermaid trash can on the back. Yes, I have an image problem. I can only forget about the bucket because it has an electric assist on it. It is sad and my problem but oh well.

I bought some gloves on sale because I can't imagine spending $42 dollars on gloves unless they are made of cow, mooo, just like my seat.

Next I made my way to University Village and bought a dozen bagels. I hate bike parking because nothing ever satisfies me. So I parked this thing up against a pole. My Danish Peyos husband considers this and riding on a sidewalk a big no-no but who cares. I am American.

I did use the lock that came on the wheel but also opted to run a cable through the bike seat and into the frame and around the pole. My seat looks nice and I didn't want anyone to get any ideas. Although, if you steal someone's Brooks saddles that has logged more than 5000 miles I think the ride for anyone but the original rider would be uncomfortable. Yes, that seat has ridden more than 5000 miles.

So, the second long trip was a little more than 40 miles. The battery didn't got out but I could tell when we got closer to home I was cutting it close. The second charge took much longer than 3 hours to charge. I think it was more like 6 to turn the battery green.

What does it feel like to use the assist?
This is another question I am sure people wonder about. Well, on steep grades it feels like someone is helping to push you slightly even though you still have to peddle. On hills it feels like an indoor trainer. This is a great way for a novice to get biking if they need to go lots of places but feel they really can't do it. You do get a workout but rather than having to get of the bike and push everything up hills you are able to bike up with your load.


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