Last Days of Biking Freedom

My kid is soon to be out of school and I will get to enjoy her company and sweat profusely while I bike her around. I am pretty sure we will be taking some bus adventures with her BFF so we will see how our summer shapes up.

In the meantime I am trying to enjoy the freedom of biking with ease all over Seattle without her. I don't mind my kid but I do mind having to look all sweaty in the summer.

So, Tuesday I went on a mommy solo adventure. I had to pick up my bike at her school and then I made my way down through Montlake to Unversity Village to pick up bagels. I bought a dozen and figured I can make a few of my husband's coworkers happy with a high gluten treat. Last time I brought donuts, nobody refused those either.

After my bagel pick up I stopped at PCC in Fremont and picked up two beers for us to enjoy later. In the many years we have lived in Seattle I have never stopped at this PCC. So, it was very exciting.

I biked across the Fremont bridge. This is my favorite new way to get up north. I don't know why I didn't know about it before. Yeah, totally stupid. I biked on that trail/sidewalk called the Lake Union Trail. I don't get it but I biked carefully because with the people and cars you have to be super careful here. It is really just a glorified sidewalk. I am a party pooper and scared of Dexter. Lines on the road does not satisfy my feeling of safety.

I know lots of schools have let out for vacation and half expected lots of people down by the MOHAI but I was alone with lots of duck poo.

My journey ended with passing out bagels to my husband's willing coworkers and sitting on top of the building to eat lunch. See that wood bench? I asked Mr. Peyos if he wanted a really cool picture of him standing there. I would totally make it look like he was standing on nothing. He declined.

So, today at NOON begins our Super Summer 2013!


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