Soggy Monday

One week ago my kid and I braved really soggy Seattle to help out at Folklife festival. We basically stood at one of the entrances down by the Space Needle and handed out festival pins to people who made a minimum donation to Folklife. We did that for about 2 hours in the rain and my kid, as usual, stepped in every single puddle she could get her feet in.

As you can see, we didn't take the Madsen and opted for taking the train and then I was going to bike the rest of the way. Barbie looks happy but she was getting all wet because she forgot her umbrella.

Actually the plan was to load two kids in the Madsen, bike all the way to the Seattle Center, have Mr. Peyos go with us and then eat a well deserved donut on the way home. Of course my head plans never go as usual and we ended up going alone on the Dutch Bike, without Mr. Peyos because he was trying to help someone that day. As for the extra kid in tow, we were not able to take him with us.

We arrived at our checkpoint, the Bike Works tent entrance. See Steve smile. That is because he gets to be under that dry tent.
It's okay because I learned my lesson for the 2nd time, bring an extra pair of socks fool! Who am I kidding, I live in Seattle where rain, drizzle, and clouds is normal. As Mr. Peyos says, "Just like my homeland of Denmark".

Our journey home required that my kid step in more puddles just for the heck of it. Her feet were wet anyway so stepping in the sidewalk fountain outside the ballet building wasn't going to matter.

 We made our way back to our original route to get to the International Link Station. This was our first time biking over this. I was forced to walk because someone thought it was to scary to sit on her seat.
 At least she did me the favor of taking pictures while i pushed this thing.
 I have to admit, the view from here is beautiful.
 By this time my kid was tired of her squooshy feet so she got back on the bike and we stopped to take a picture of where we went originally. Yes, we biked up to where that needle is. Don't you love the Olympic Sculpture Park too?
Finally off of the Elliot Bay Trail. Yes, more rain and more soggy feet because my sneakers got totally soaked. Why didn't I wear my rain boots?

In general, it was a bike worthy day because nobody was on a bike. Hardly anyone parked their bike at the Bike Works entrance and even Steve was way smarter and took the bus.

The whole vendor was and adventure and we learned that next year we can volunteer at the beer garden. Although I don't know if I can actually bring my kid. We were given some handy Mariner's tickets and that ended our soggy Monday.


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