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Riding a Bike on Lake Union

Am I totally hallucinating here? Okay, well I technically didn't bike on the lake but it sure felt like it.

Several years ago the museum used to have Free First Thursday. Not too long ago this stopped for some museums.The city library started having a program where you can fight to the death with other patrons for free museum entry. Okay, I exaggerate. The only museum I have not managed to get a pass for is the EMP/Science Fiction museum. Every time I look, sometimes 3  times in a day, all the passes are taken.

I have gotten out of my total disappointment and discovered the Center for Wooden Boats. For some reason, nobody wants to go there. Well, I will tell you a secret, you can get on a boat for FREE.

So, we had the option of all the boats because nobody was there. Here I am before I took my panda shot of the two girls taking pictures with the DS. This boat was a cargo bike on a boat. The two more mature people got to sit in the yellow seats and peddal the boat. Since I am used …

Cars aren't evil....I blame the stupid people in them

Police searching for woman they say intentional hit man with car in West Seattle
— KIRO 7 (@KIRO7Seattle) July 17, 2013 I don't know what it is about all this northwest sun that puts people in a special funk. People should get some sun but in moderation. Don't outdo yourself and then get behind the wheel. See, this was just the most recent infraction on my radar.

We have been almost been hit at this intersection. Rainier and Holly (deep in the Rainier Valley)

You see, the light is green but this car totally ran the red light. I tried to take a picture of the license just to tweet it to SPD but alas they sped off to get to some fast food restaurant down Rainier Ave. We are pretty cautious here. Even when I have been on my bikey way toward this intersection we still stop and make sure cars aren't running the red light. When we get the walk signal I walk the bike across and on many occasions I have had people call me a "Crazy BEEP!" Yeah, bi…

Fun Bikey Stuff we do

Sunday was one of those days where everyone in this family had something they wanted to do. So, how do I get my family to do the bikey stuff I want to do? Well, I bribe them. So, I bribed both my kid and Mr. Peyos with a trip to a new and interesting game store. What kind of games? Well, only the ones the true geeks play and no NOT Magic the Gathering. We have been on a Settlers of Catan fest and trying to revive our Munckin game. I did research and lookie lookie, I found Gary's Games & Hobbies in Greenwood.

What else did I need in Greenwood? Well, G&O Family Cyclery was having Xtracycle out to do test rides of the Edgerunner. Turns out the Bullitt bike was also available for test riding. I already did my Bullitt riding. I love that bike but then again I have to think about family obligations and how I carry my peeps and cargo.

So, we went into the game store. Mr. Peyos drooled over everything. I am guessing this can be a nice date thing to do without our kid. Our kid want…

Madsen Bike: Should you buy it?

This post is long overdue. Since you may have heard that a new bike is in the works lets talk about bikes I have ridden.

Should you buy a Madsen? Well, that would really depend right?

First, how often do you plan to use it? Will you be biking on lots of hills? What kind of load will you be schlepping?

My needs are not necessarily the same as a family living in Ballard or Wedgwood. We don't own car and really have no plans for buying one. On occasion we have to carry large stuff and most recently we have made some really funny pit-stops at Cash n' Carry. I have to get from the Rainier Valley up to the University District and then back home five days a week. I can easily rack up at least 20 miles each weekday.

I want a bike that will be a multitasker. We had the Burley trailer for a long time and still get use out of it despite the fact that it looks pretty beat up. I have schlepped all sort of stuff in that thing, including some compost. We even moved from one house to another…

Meeting of the Bikey minds, but first I have to get there

What the heckie poo! Where have I been? Well, if you read the previous post, I have been busy with walking/busing summer fun with our cool kids "camp".

What else? Well, my genetic output of a child had one of her mega growth spurts and is going to leave her mother down here in hobbit land. This just means that she is not so comfortable on the back of my Dutch bike. We can't go far without her complaints. Since our last trip to Gas Works she has been a big party pooper because the seat is annoying.

So, my Dutch Bike went on a diet and lost ten pounds. Here is how it was looking before my kid complained. See the seat and footrest. Now all too annoying for the human I call my child.
I guess, it was pointless to have the seat if she won't sit there. I honestly thought I had one more good year with her there. I think several things happened to both of us that made us realize that this set-up was not going to work. One was trying other bikes. Remember my brief adventure w…

I survived 2 weeks of "camp"

For the last three years I have sent our daughter to the Jewish Orthodox summer camp at one of the shuls. I mainly did this because I worked and needed a place to have her. Yes, glorified babysitting. As our kid has become closer to certain friends we noticed that not all her friends are able to afford to go. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the fun for everyone.

Last year I only had to send our kid for one week but somehow I ended up shelling out for 3 weeks for her campy fun. This year we decided to funnel that money into have a Super Summer with friends.

Every week I have devised ways to distract our "campers" and so far our plans have worked out. It also helps that my friend who sends her kids over is super organized, has helpful hints and is supportive. This also means less biking and more walking. Also, the whole endeavor has been low/no cost.

We sweated a couple of bus rides and have done a lot of walking.
As much as I don't mind walking I know that transportat…

Walking with Biking Gloves

We are weather whimps in Seattle. We are in the middle of a "heat wave". Sunday's  temperature topped at 90-91F. This only means that the houses that are poorly insulated heat up like there is no tomorrow. For me this means that I really refuse to get on the bus. I rather bike in the scorching heat than subject myself to the stop and go of the bus.

This also means that we take more walks. Usually we have to make our way from the bottom of nowhereland to the top of the hill for friends and shul. My daughter LOVES to hold my hand while going up the hill. She likes the extra support of my pulling her up the hill. I have a no touching me clause in the summer because extra heat is just a no no. So, we were walking up the hill and I was seriously thinking about going back home for my biking gloves. My sticky hands combined with someone else's sticky hands, ewww!

My gloves remind me of those handerpants you can get at Archie McPhee. They are white and I am seriously contemp…