Cars aren't evil....I blame the stupid people in them

I don't know what it is about all this northwest sun that puts people in a special funk. People should get some sun but in moderation. Don't outdo yourself and then get behind the wheel. See, this was just the most recent infraction on my radar.

We have been almost been hit at this intersection. Rainier and Holly (deep in the Rainier Valley)

You see, the light is green but this car totally ran the red light. I tried to take a picture of the license just to tweet it to SPD but alas they sped off to get to some fast food restaurant down Rainier Ave. We are pretty cautious here. Even when I have been on my bikey way toward this intersection we still stop and make sure cars aren't running the red light. When we get the walk signal I walk the bike across and on many occasions I have had people call me a "Crazy BEEP!" Yeah, biking is down in the toilet in this part of town. I dare you people North to come down here and try our biking "infrastructure" that does not include Lake Washington on Bicycle Sunday. In fact, I will give you the grand tour.

Somehow I think too much sun is to blame for all these bike/car crashes. Some of them are the stupid people behind the stupid metal machine becoming impatient and whacking into a bicyclist. The average person who has to wait for me and my kid in order to get around us is 5 seconds. I said it, 5 FREAKING seconds! It's nothing but those 5 seconds are like 2 hours to people in a car. How do I know this? When it comes time for a car to try to pass us we put our imaginary counter on. Sometimes we can tell that the car behind us is getting impatient and it has happened on several occasions  when we were biking south on 18th Ave., crossing Jackson Ave to get to Judkin's park. This intersection makes people made and we have had cars try to run us over.

On one occasion the driver happened to be a parent at Washington Middle School. By the time we caught up they were parked and waiting for their sweet baby to come out of the school. What did I do? I pulled up beside the parked car and said, "wow, all that just to park here!" At this point my passenger snapped a picture. It always helps to follow up with a photo and a ding of the bell.

We also have the current bike lane projects that people really pissed off. The bikeway on Broadway looks like it is shaping up and then we have the project on Cherry that was the same site of a guerrilla protected bike lane.

Worse are the comments and trolls:

Judy feels entitled to HER car lanes. FrackAMole to people who choose alternative transportation. I have actually seen plenty of people in that bike box on 12th. Just because YOU don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Sounds a lot like if.... never mind.

It is torture to read these comments but I got lost when I saw the one about running bicyclist over. I think it was removed, otherwise I would post it here. I did find this winner:

Boo hoo, the choo choo takes too much room. Look, that area has been living without a lot of parking since the construction began and actually when things get finished parking will be available.

One more:

This guy has witnessed lots of accidents. He must be up to hoha in police reports.

So you know what? I invite you to take a SLOW ride on a bike. I will even take to you the scariest place to bike these days 2nd Ave. What? You don't want to endanger your life? (While you eat Cheetos and drink Gatorade). So, really get a life. Before you start saying all this crud about bike lanes and biking, get out there on a bike and try it for a week. You might even like it.

Just because bicyclist get a protected bike lane doesn't mean the people in the metal machines will pay attention:

Seriously, wrong on so many levels. How the heck does someone think to even drive in that tiny "lane"?

Here is an example from when San Francisco got their bike lane:

So, what I see in the near future will be a lot of confusion and transpiration haters. Lots to look forward too. Also more exciting pictures for this blog.


  1. Well, that's why San Francisco is San Francisco!!
    Next time you're in San Antonio, check the bike lanes.


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