Fun Bikey Stuff we do

Sunday was one of those days where everyone in this family had something they wanted to do. So, how do I get my family to do the bikey stuff I want to do? Well, I bribe them. So, I bribed both my kid and Mr. Peyos with a trip to a new and interesting game store. What kind of games? Well, only the ones the true geeks play and no NOT Magic the Gathering. We have been on a Settlers of Catan fest and trying to revive our Munckin game. I did research and lookie lookie, I found Gary's Games & Hobbies in Greenwood.

What else did I need in Greenwood? Well, G&O Family Cyclery was having Xtracycle out to do test rides of the Edgerunner. Turns out the Bullitt bike was also available for test riding. I already did my Bullitt riding. I love that bike but then again I have to think about family obligations and how I carry my peeps and cargo.

So, we went into the game store. Mr. Peyos drooled over everything. I am guessing this can be a nice date thing to do without our kid. Our kid wanted us to buy everything Munckin related, including the plush duck. We did our initial look around. By looking by the amount of game stuff, we will be back very soon.

Well, I was smart and the game store happened to be across the street from G&O. So, we didn't have to go far. We waited outside for a while and with lots of fanfare the bikes emerged and I got to try one first. Ahh, I felt special.

Here is the crowd waiting to listen to announcements. My daughter was drooling at those grapes and contemplating her future on the back of another bike. She has been my test dummy kid in all my bike adventures, poor kid.

Here is the bike after we returned it. Yes, this is the same bike used in the Disaster Relief Trials in Portland just the day before. It smelled like nothing so I am guessing none of those smells rubbed. off. My kid was really scared to get on in the first place. I told her, like I always do, "you will like it!". Mr. Peyos had his skeptical face. Then again, his facial expressions are hard to read. We walked to flatter territory and then took off so fast I was a little surprised. We tried the best of Greenwood's hills. My kid did her wiggling and helped me out with her handy arms to signal to cars that we were either going to turn right or left.

Unlike other rides, I didn't feel that my passenger was throwing me off balance nor was their a tug. The ride was seamless. I can't necessarily review the bike yet. For a full rundown check out the post from Hum of the City. So far it is the only extensive review I can find.

Let me tell you what I liked about this test ride. Unlike some bike shops where they make you sign away ten waivers and have to leave ID or money I was able to take the bike for a spin just like a friend would allow me to. Okay, it might be that for liability reasons G&O might have to implement a no-liability waiver just like the one I signed when borrowing the Madsen from Morgan.

I honestly appreciate Xtracycle for coming out and being cool. I also liked the turnout. I met some cool people. I was also surprised on how much my kid LOVED the Hooptie. We had looked at pictures online and every time she said, "that looks like a place for a baby". When we rode the bike my kid realized that she could just sit there and chill, meaning play with her DS if she wants.

We also got to witness people try out the Bullitt. I tried not to look because I feel so self-conscious myself trying out new bikes. I didn't want to make anyone nervous. Looks like it is a hard bike to try the first time for a lot of people. We even witnessed a complete bike tip over, ouch. Everyone is okay.

After we all had fun we went shopping at Trader Joe's. While standing in the mile long line we spotted this bike. Something is wrong here. Do you see it? How does that crate attach to that bike. Must be magic.


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