I survived 2 weeks of "camp"

For the last three years I have sent our daughter to the Jewish Orthodox summer camp at one of the shuls. I mainly did this because I worked and needed a place to have her. Yes, glorified babysitting. As our kid has become closer to certain friends we noticed that not all her friends are able to afford to go. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the fun for everyone.

Last year I only had to send our kid for one week but somehow I ended up shelling out for 3 weeks for her campy fun. This year we decided to funnel that money into have a Super Summer with friends.

Every week I have devised ways to distract our "campers" and so far our plans have worked out. It also helps that my friend who sends her kids over is super organized, has helpful hints and is supportive. This also means less biking and more walking. Also, the whole endeavor has been low/no cost.

We sweated a couple of bus rides and have done a lot of walking.
Walking to the Burke Museum
As much as I don't mind walking I know that transportation can be so much faster on a bike but by Wednesday our camp group had swollen to 4 kids, a very helpful teen and me. Not everyone in our group bikes but it would be great if we had some super bike with lots of seats and pedals for everyone. I know, I am dreaming. More walking.
Escalator at Downtown Seattle Library
This is just a glimpse of our adventures, some of the more photogenic.
Underground Tour
As you see, all our walking adventures above. On our last adventure in the Underground Tour the kids got to choose a postcard and this is the selection they made:
The underground toilet was popular and so was all the talk about Madam Graham and her "sewing circle". The kids are convinced that Seattle was the fashion capitol with all those seamstresses. When they get older I sure they will realize what it really meant. The last last thing we did on this tour was go to the actual toilet. Of course when a grown up says, "anyone need to go?" kids refuse. When you spin it this way, "Anyone want to go on a fancy toilet?", then all of a sudden everyone's bladder is so swollen they can't wait.

Of course we didn't take pictures in the bathroom but we have that memory of sitting on a fancy toilet and doing our business.

More adventures to follow in the coming weeks.


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