Meeting of the Bikey minds, but first I have to get there

Dutchy went on a diet
What the heckie poo! Where have I been? Well, if you read the previous post, I have been busy with walking/busing summer fun with our cool kids "camp".

What else? Well, my genetic output of a child had one of her mega growth spurts and is going to leave her mother down here in hobbit land. This just means that she is not so comfortable on the back of my Dutch bike. We can't go far without her complaints. Since our last trip to Gas Works she has been a big party pooper because the seat is annoying.

So, my Dutch Bike went on a diet and lost ten pounds. Here is how it was looking before my kid complained. See the seat and footrest. Now all too annoying for the human I call my child.
Gratuitous fat shot
I guess, it was pointless to have the seat if she won't sit there. I honestly thought I had one more good year with her there. I think several things happened to both of us that made us realize that this set-up was not going to work. One was trying other bikes. Remember my brief adventure with the the Bullitt? Drool!  Then we had the two week love affair with the Madsen electric bike. Then the other issue was her growth spurt. So, the little human I grew is probably going to be some Viking giant like her father, oy.

So we got a working start with what else was out there. Then we do what our family does best, research. We never buy anything unless we HAVE to have it. For example, in 2008 our printer broke. We didn't need one so we went on with our non-spandexy life. Well, 2013 hit and suddenly we needed a printer. So, that is how we operate. We did our research and bought one.

So, we have had some resistance with trying to upgrade to a real cargo bike situation. Thursday was a meeting with the bikey mind of Davey Oil. I biked all the way up to Greenwood to pick his brain and I got to peek inside his new G&O Family Cyclery.
uhhh, who took my zipties?
Biking up to Greenwood was an adventure in itself. Just because we haven't needed to go that way. Our north Seattle boundary has ended in the University district. Sure, we have gone to the zoo, but we have mostly taken the bus. Where I was going was even more north than the zoo. Just so you have an idea, take a look at this map. I had to find a way to bike from the southern ziptie art to the northern ziptie art ball. Yes, I was slightly perturbed someone made art with these because I had a slight mechanical mishap where it could have come in handy.

How was I going to get up there after going over the Fremont bridge. I hate hills and sweat so I decided to try biking up on 8th Ave NW. Oh, but why didn't I just bike up Fremont and go on Greenwood Ave? That hill made me sweaty by looking at it.
Purdy bike lane
Here I go, easy peasy lemon squooshy. Not bad, slightly up hill with few cars. I could totally see a cycletrack/bikeway here.
HUGE Goodwill
Mostly boring until I spotted a Goodwill. OH JOY!!!

More slight hill. Only paint separates me from passing cars but people in the metal machines are polite. Go Ballarites!
Where did all these cars come from?
I made it to 85th Ave NW. to turn right. Okay, 85th Ave NW sucks!  Just a road and one that is a roadway to the highway. This means people in a hurry willing to sacrifice everyone else's life.

Cars behind me trying to pass to get on the highway
I did the only sensible thing and turned on a side street and here I am. This sign is telling me that MY speed is being watched. OOOOOH!

Is he really writing notes?
I found Davey Oil at his shop, yeah!! We are sitting at the cafe right next door and he is making notes while I pick his brain. We had a good chat and details of this visit deserve a whole other post. I promise to write one and post it sooner than later.
Whoah, I didn't see that hearing aid store until later
Here I am leaving the headquarters of G&O Family Cyclery. I am feeling refreshed and good about life. I got to experience the joy of going downhill on the super road of 8th Ave NW. Wheeeee!

This bothered me. I don't like it when the light signal is all the way by the curb. I find it dangerous.

Okay, so the bike up on this street was not bad, it was enjoyable and not too sweaty.
On my way home to the Rainier Valley, joy!
Burke Gilman Trail, here I come!

More to come on this adventure...


  1. Ah, I'm looking forward to seeing what Davey's shop offers. What bikes are you considering so far?

  2. My meeting with Davey Oil will come in a post soon and there I will talk about the next bike incarnation for this family. The inside of the space is cool. I didn't take pictures because I will leave that up to them but when they open I will be there with my camera taking oodles of pictures. They are the only place in Seattle where you can order a Bullitt bike and they are also an Xtracycle dealer. They will have other goodies also.

  3. Are you going the kidical mass on sunday?

  4. Are you going to the Kidical Mass ride Sunday? Tova is going we might have the whole clan!

  5. Are you going the kidical mass on sunday?

  6. I might. I have to see how things shape up and if people in this house are willing to go down to the park. Although, I am a little afraid to see the BCMH biking club because that just translates in my head to men in spandex. I rather have good memories of people in pants!


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