Riding a Bike on Lake Union

Am I totally hallucinating here? Okay, well I technically didn't bike on the lake but it sure felt like it.

Several years ago the museum used to have Free First Thursday. Not too long ago this stopped for some museums.The city library started having a program where you can fight to the death with other patrons for free museum entry. Okay, I exaggerate. The only museum I have not managed to get a pass for is the EMP/Science Fiction museum. Every time I look, sometimes 3  times in a day, all the passes are taken.

I have gotten out of my total disappointment and discovered the Center for Wooden Boats. For some reason, nobody wants to go there. Well, I will tell you a secret, you can get on a boat for FREE.

Picture of me taken by the passengers in the back
So, we had the option of all the boats because nobody was there. Here I am before I took my panda shot of the two girls taking pictures with the DS. This boat was a cargo bike on a boat. The two more mature people got to sit in the yellow seats and peddal the boat. Since I am used to schlepping this wasn't a big issue. So we left the dock and carefully made our way out and into Lake Union. This was a new experience for me. The whole time we have lived here I have not really made it into any of the lakes on a boat.
This was SO fun! I don't know how to express it. Yo, this was but FUN :) :D
Nice, huh! Then I had all sorts of mind thingies pop in my brain while we paddled. Hey, why don't we just get a boat and boat bike around? Oh, but nothing we need to get to is by water so that settled that. Oh well, but this is totally a great transportation for other people. I remember reading an article in the Seattle Times about the water bike. Oh cool! This is an old article so I wonder if he pimped up his bike. Did he turn it into a cargo hauling machine? He didn't have much room for stuff.
This is one of those pictures taken by kids with a DS
Here is a shot of my foot and one of the kids clenching his fist because this was a new experience for him. After a brief lunch in the boat and some confidence he used those ropes on the sides to steer us. The girls in the back thought it would be funny to trick him and hold the ropes so nothing happened. We ended up swaying a lot and at some point going in circles. I am sure this is hilarious if you are not the one doing the work and just sitting there with your best friend. Somehow this is the opposite direction you see in the picture with the houseboats. GasWorks is nowhere.    

After about 30 minutes of exercise we decided to make it back to shore in order to make this adventure FREE. I was not going over our free one hour. Sure, I had the money but it is way cooler to tell people we did this for free. You know, just to rub in their faces a little ;)     

So, if you want to rub some adventure in someone's face then on the Seattle Public Library website and reserve your pass here.      


  1. Your blog is so informative, I send a friend the information on how to get free passes and she got some for her and her son. She lives outside seattle. She thanks you for this information.

  2. Hi, I would like to go on the boat with you and my cousin. Luna


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