Walking with Biking Gloves

We are weather whimps in Seattle. We are in the middle of a "heat wave". Sunday's  temperature topped at 90-91F. This only means that the houses that are poorly insulated heat up like there is no tomorrow. For me this means that I really refuse to get on the bus. I rather bike in the scorching heat than subject myself to the stop and go of the bus.

This also means that we take more walks. Usually we have to make our way from the bottom of nowhereland to the top of the hill for friends and shul. My daughter LOVES to hold my hand while going up the hill. She likes the extra support of my pulling her up the hill. I have a no touching me clause in the summer because extra heat is just a no no. So, we were walking up the hill and I was seriously thinking about going back home for my biking gloves. My sticky hands combined with someone else's sticky hands, ewww!

My gloves remind me of those handerpants you can get at Archie McPhee. They are white and I am seriously contemplating getting a pair just to walk with sticky fingered children.

Monday rolled around and we needed to do something about the heat. Our house is cooler than most but we needed a pool.

Safeways had kiddie pools for $6 discounted so we took the bus and bought one. Well, you get what you pay for.  We ended up having to slap on the duct tape. Duct tape, good for literally everything!  Our girly summer camp kids had a great time at their private pool party.

Tuesday is not suppose to be as hot as yesterday so we will see if this pool gets a break and my sweaty kids hands are less sweaty.


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