End of Summer

This summer was not very bikey. Although I did mundane stuff on my bike because we need food and toothpaste. We didn't really go our of our way to plan bike days. Instead we did a lot of walking, I might have burned some holes in my sneakers and we have a whole album of adventures our tiny group of mostly well behaved kids.

I started one of my classes at the beginning of August. Setting up my work space and computer was an adventure setting it up. My router decided to die and I got to experiment with a new computer. Windows charms, not so charming. We are well into August and my technical issues have been resolved. Today my kid starts school and it is going to be interesting getting to school without our bike. I think I made our summer a little too fun that when the principle called to check up I admitted that my kid was not interested in going back to school. Our family made the choice of not having a car and now that I look at the calendar my kid really only has school for nine days in September and hopefully in October I will have a commuting biking machine.

My kid went through a major growth spurt and so the new bike will be really nice once it arrives.
In the meantime, here is a collage of  our walking and sometimes biking adventures:

Cool Book at the Kondike Gold Rush Museum

Zombie Apocalypse at Gas Works Park

Visiting Sven the Rat on the Underground Tour

Keeping cool at Cal Anderson Park

Touching Bottle Cap Art on Broadway

Watching Salmon at the Locks

Chasing the Cycle Saloon

Hanging out at the Zoo

Rode the blender bike at the Zoo (Made by the famous Haulin Collin)

Stood on top of an Amazon building

Got wet at the Seattle Center Fountain

Turns out my kid is a Mortal

Posed just like art at the Seattle Art Museum

Cooled off at the Sprinkler Fountain on Lake Union
These are just a few of our adventures. We have a whole album of pictures, including our scavenger hunt to Pike's Place Market where the kids were given $1.25 each and had to figure out what they could buy at the very touristy market. One of the kids managed to get 7 cool dice and a bouncy ball for $1.00. So, don't think you have to spend lots of money on an outing.

So, here comes the beginning of jammed pack year of 4th Grade homework.


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