Hello, isn't this blog about biking?

So, I try to write funny and entertaining post that can be read in the privacy of the bathroom but it has been hard this summer.

Besides riding my bike and waving frantically to everyone I meet, I have taken to working on my next career move. For most of my life I have had a special way of finding jobs where I was involved with libraries. On one of those desperate moments when one of the two adults needed a job I somehow managed to become the part-time library assistant at a public middle school. I loved that job. I found it exciting to do all the duties related to the library, including covering the books. After a 2 years of doing that I had to move on because when you work in public schools you get the yearly ulcer of your job put in the special category of limbo.

You can pickle that!
I worked another job which was entertaining but nothing related to libraries so I quit and decided to start a graduate program. So this year I start all courses related to a Master's in Library Science.

So, while I wait for my bike, more to come about that, I will probably blog about buses, walking, my horrific encounter with a lady and her Ford Explorer and lastly library learning.

Oh and.... my adventures in pickling, my dead rat photo collection, and the nice amount of Shabbos toilet paper I have been cutting.


  1. I like your blog and your pictures and the sense of humor you've infused into your writing. How exciting that you are beginning the program to get your MLIS!


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