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Someone new to my biking blog may have noticed the content change. Like I said before, I am just adding to my rainbow of information. In any case, everything is related to biking. My pedal forward into online learning through SLIS is very exciting.  
I am the kind of person who likeseder (order). I like schedules but I am also flexible to recognize when something is not working and switch it up last minute. I like deadlines and find that they motivate and push me. I am a problem solver. If I can't figure it out I look everywhere for the answer and am not afraid to ask questions.  Are you also ready to take the leap to learn online then do this survey. It might surprise you: Are you ready to learn online? 

What else comes with learning in general? Collaboration and Teams. Are those nasty words to you? For anyone who has had a job then you have experienced "Teams". After watching two online videos for my course I realized I was never in a real "team" I was in something else 

Dr. Ken Haycock gave a list of the 6 phases of a project. 
  • Enthusiasm (yeah, let's have a carnival with clowns) 
  • Disillusionment (oh, the clowns canceled and we didn't make a back-up plan. All hope is lost) 
  • Panic (Day of the event and still no clown?) 
  • Search for the guilty (Let' s blame the garbage man for the clown problem) 
  • Punish the innocent (NO carnival! No snow cones! Nothing! You kids can cry your eyeballs out now) 
  • Praise and honor non-participants (It is so great that so and so on vacation was involved in this carnival project) 
To say that I have not experience this scenario is an understatement. I only wished that the "teams" I worked in worked as they should. 
So, what I learned from Dr. Haycock and Enid Irwin is that we have to all bring information to the team by agreeing on common goals. In order to facilitate this we have a team leader who actually leads and helps to diffuse situations where we might go off on a tangent. Worse case scenario, help to settle matters with "blocker" or as Enid Irwin put it "destroyer". Having a open attitude, participating and having a sense of trust are key. I hope to keep my learning open so I can be a valuable member of a real team in future projects.


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