Rat Du Jour Part 2

Nobody told us about Sven the rat
Remember my rat problem? Turns out a big machine called "Big Bertha" is boring a new hole in downtown and digging up all the rat homes so they have decided to make Pioneer Square their new home. EWWW!

They are like the huge Norwegian rats living in our yard and posters are up in Pioneer warning of the impending Sven rat. Watch out. Scandinavian rats are here FOREVER! I wonder when they will make themselves at home in Ballard just like human Scandinavians?

Now what I hope is that the rats don't get bright ideas and come die in my yard. We have taken a lot of shrubbery away and I am collecting cardboard for my new cardboard weed covering project. I was inspired by one of my neighbors bringing his extra cardboard to my yard. I hope he understands that I don't do the same kind of gardening like I do in the winter. I hate sweat so I wake up early, water my plants once or twice a week and leave it alone.
You like all the places for rats to hide. Well, what bothered me most was that my elderly neighbor would almost kill himself to weed wack for me. It was really nice but I needed to come up with something better. So, I card boarded everything. I then went and got truckloads of mulch and covered it. Another part of my yard will get more cardboard and mulch soon.

Back to rats, take a trip downtown and look at all those burrows. EWWW!
Wait, that is not a rat. That is a dog I found and someone called it a rat. We didn't get a dog. Our neighbor was out and she was loose so we kept her until they came home. While she was visiting I put her in the basket because what else do you do with a dog this size?

Here is her glamour shot or slightly confused shot.
Please don't bike with me!

Next time this dog is going for a ride.


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