Rat Du Jour

I promised to update you on a list of topics so here is our rat story.

This summer the rat population increased exponentially, to the point where one Shabbos I saw 16 hanging out all over our front yard. It was so disgusting. It was bad. The next day I ventured out to Lowes and purchased rat bait stations with poison secured inside. I met a woman at the store who was also purchasing bait stations so she could be out in her garden without having something fuzzy come running out of the bushes at her.

I put my bait stations out and waited, nothing. The next solution was to fill all those pesky holes the rats decided to next in. So, I got rock and gravel and filled up the holes. This seemed to have reduced the population but then we started to get our rat of the week.


Does that look like a bait station? NO! Somehow this ended up under the plum tree and I got the honors of bagging it for posterity.


Week #2 we got this one, convulsing and dying in front of the door. We did the only nice thing and drowned it.

I got the honors of draining the water and bagging this one too. Yeah for me!

Then on Shabbos our landlady showed up to check the traps and found a dead squirrel under our plum tree. Since it was our day of rest I was only able to capture that picture in my brain.

Week #3
We went out to do errands and came home to a mysterious Wendy's soda under my tomato plant. Okay, weird. Then it started to smell. Dead smell. So, I tried to find the dead thing. The smell got worse. We have little garbage so Thursday I went to throw something in the can and found a Wendy's paper bag in our garbage with a dead rat. In order to come dump that rat there it takes effort. How rude, at least bag it like I did. So, again, I got the honors of bagging that one too, in order to avoid MAGGOTS!

Oh, but week #3 doesn't end there. I smell dead again and found one of the traps near my tomato plant had a dead rat in it. So, Mr. Peyos did me a favor and disposed of it.  I am sorry we don' t have pictures of those ones but this is becoming old.

As part of my morning prayers I am going to ask G-d to make this problem disappear. Until then, I will be having the rat of the week.

Whoever threw the Wendy's bag of rat in my can, CUT IT OUT!


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