Standing on stuff this summer

As our summer of walking we have noticed lots of new things in the city I am too lazy to stop on my bike at. On our way back from visiting the office of Car2Go last week we walked to the Olympic Sculpture park on Elliot Bay. The new art installation is a roof. Olympic Sculpture park is the kind of place you can interact with art, including climbing on it. I didn't really prepare ourselves for our new interaction. Apparently the roof art requires that you have rubber soled sneakers and be at least 10 years of ago. My daughter likes sandals so she was snubbed and pretty bummed about the whole thing.

Instead I decided to stand on the roof alone and take a picture. Here I am standing on the roof.

After standing on the roof we walked from the park to downtown.  While walking into Belltown we noticed lots of interesting stores and businesses but they all had one problem. Most of these places were obstructed by huge cars, like this one:

I think this street would be a great place to put a bike way. In general, traffic is low and if the city of Seattle wants to curb crazy violence maybe restricting available parking would help this neighborhood.  Not only that, but it turns out business increases with bike ways. See the case for the bikeway on 65th Ave. The only complaints come from people who have to park but seriously, if a 9 year old can walk here so can you. In general, that business in the picture looks more attractive without that huge SUV parked in front of it. I know, some people need their car but the only people I know who need such a large car are large families. Otherwise you are just a jerk with a big car.

This summer we have had several encounters with people driving SUV's. I am not ready to blog about this encounter but maybe once summer is over I might feel better about the whole incident. Right now my view of people with honken cars is messed up. I see the world like this now. You have a big car and are one person in it= you are a big jerk. Are you in a Hummer?=Even bigger jerk. This is how I am going to view huge personal cars until proven wrong.


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